A second member of the Ingraham Cabinet Minister will resign!


pmsen.jpg<<< Former Senator Anthony Musgrove and Hubert Ingraham. Bahamas Press has learned that Musgrove is now campaigning on the ground in Exuma along with some EX-PLP generals.

Nassau, Bahamas — Before you can complete the words ‘Jack Daniels’, word leaked once again to Bahamas Press confirming a second member of the Ingraham Cabinet will resign soon.

We’ve learned that the member, whose voice has no ear in the Cabinet room, has already notified the Prime Minister of the intent to vacate the ministry and return to private practice. BP was also informed his decision came after some serious fallout occurred at his company. The politician might also resign his seat in the lower chamber forcing a by election here in the country.clairehepburn

The Minister, who appears to be the best of the lot, will be the 5th Minister to vacate a seat around the Executive in just two years. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham began his road to governance on a bumpy start in May of 2007, and since then he has lost more Ministers in those two years than any other Cabinet has in the history of the Bahamas. Claire Hepburn, Sidney Collie, Elma Campbell have all resigned their Cabinet posts before the FNM celebrated two years in government.

elma-campbell-1-copy.jpgBP reported earlier last week, that a Cabinet shuffle looming this summer will leave another Junior Minister no seat around the table. Member of the Wutless Media perhaps look and notice the next time they stand outside the Cabinet steps to see who fail to appear.

Just this week after calling ZNS “MEDIOCRE”, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister on Grand Bahama, Senator Katherine Smith bid the Senate farewell. She is also the fourth FNM Senator to do so in two short years [ANOTHER RECORD]. Smith has now left the PM’s office on Grand Bahama, which was promised a Full TIME MINISTER by Ingraham before coming to office. Smith told parliamentarians in the upper chamber on Monday that she was excited to take up her new post as Atlanta Consul General, so much for the suffering people of Grand Bahama [AKA FNM Country left abandoned!].

kaysmith_smFNMs were charged with strong intent to run the government in May 2007, could someone please tell BP why Hepburn, Collie, Campbell, Musgrove, Smith, and the two others we’ve now reported to leave also are so hurried to vacate the seats? Seats they all fought so hard to attain. Is really Ingraham that grandfatherly, or have they seen writing on the wall, which says, “JUMP, THE SHIP OF STATE IS SINKING!”

[Did we forget anyone?]da-pm-copy.jpg


  1. I have criticised Rev Thompson for only speaking out on the issue of civil servants being laid off as he exits his post.I recognise that in a recession many persons might get laid off but the problem am having is with HAI doing so.This man who some on this site worship will only retire his opponents.He brought back a double dipper and made her the Secretary to the Cabinet.Before he lets any civil servant go who is 60 yrs and under this dinosaur must retire again.I always wondered why Major the last SEC to the Cabinet retired at 58 yrs when he had 7 more yrs to go.Something stinks and the trail leads to HAIs closet.

  2. Hey examiner, why don’t you go and examine the dismal performance from your “Proven Leader”! Who by the way finds himselfr in the same position as Sir. Lynden did in 1991, but who blamed Sir. Lynden at the time for the economy.

    The best part for Mr. Ingraham, is he has a national insurance fund(Initiated by the same plp you want to berate) to run too, and cower under!

  3. @Marco City

    That’s exactly how they operate, they would help one or two people who are their family or someone who they are well acquainted with and then make a big announcement like they trying to help everybody in their community. These people do not have any good intentions and they only do things for recognition and to put on a show, but you aint suppose to be smart enough to pick up on them. I keep telling these politicians it is not the 1950’s, things you could have gotten way with back then, don’t try it today. We done spot you a mile and a half away.

  4. Nepotism is still alive in this country and it is not surprising that Vernae “see no evil “Grant is at the center of a debate again.Someone who refuses to speak out on behalf of abused children is unfit for office.HAI who I constantly criticise, bcos he is in charge will not be able to ignore this fiasco of family ensuring that family benefits.HAI as much as I criticise you to make you better must act decisively as the ship in GB is sinking.Imagine next Gen Elect no FNM wins a seat in Gb?cHANGE IS ON THE WAY AND ANY INCUMBEMNT IS AT RISK.Cassius Staurt sees blood in the water and has come out slamming HAI and Christie.It only takes a spark to get a fire burning.

  5. Whose Money Is IT
    Over the past several weeks I have notice a number of young men and women cleaning along the sidewalks, on corners, as well as on empty properties that are over grown with bush in various communities throughout Grand Bahama.Having these young men work for a honest day’s pay is a good thing, but it is incumbent on the government officials to ensure that the money is being spent wisely, particularly during these rough times.
    Here is what my research has landed me. The funding for these projects is coming from the MPs special community budget allocation ($100,000.00 per MP). One thing we must keep in mind is that the City of Freeport is totally manage by the Grand Bahama Port Authority, they have full responsibility for the cleaning of side roads, verges, garbage collection, as well as the maintenance of green spaces. As a matter of fact, every household and property owner within the City of Freeport pays a monthly bill call Service Charge, which is for the above mentioned services. My question is then why is Neko C. Grant MP for Lucaya, Kenneth Russell MP for High Rock, which includes a very large portion of Freeport Lucaya, Kwasi Thompson MP for Pine Ridge, Zhivargo Laing MP for Marco City, as well as Vernae Grant MP for Eight Mile Rock, which also has a portion of The City of Freeport as part of its constituency spending hundreds of thousands of dollars beautifying The City of Freeport.
    I understand the fact that those MPs want to do something for their disgruntle supporters, and I repeat THEIR DISGRUNTLE SUPPORTERS, however the dumb boos along with their advisors have to be smarter than using tax payers money to beautify Grand Bahama Port Authority managed areas. Some sustainable youth development program, a social outreach program, or some kind of training / apprentice program would have been find ways to reinvest their $100,000.00 per constituency. The desperate need for a disaster warehouse for Grand Bahama would have also been and excellent project for the five blind mice to undertake with their $500,000.00 in total gift from the Abaco Dragon.
    Some how the only program the members of this do nothing FNM government can initiate for the young people of our country is the Weed Grass and Cut Bush Program (WG & CB). Don’t believe me, look at what job creating program the FNM MPs have for the young job seekers all over Nassau, Grand Bahama, Abaco, and Long Island, yes you got it, working on project WG & CB.
    Do you guys remember late last year when the government boasted of a new program, call the Starter Program, where they would provide grants up to $5000.00 for qualified young people to start their own business? Well hundreds of young people applied in Grand Bahama, however I was made to understand that only two candidates on the entire island of Grand Bahama receive any such grants as of today, and they are the sons of the MP for Eight Mile Rock, Mrs. Vernae Grant. What a disgrace right! But listen to this sweet part, one got the grant to start a graphics designing company, and the other to start a landscaping company, which is all good. But guess who got the contract to clean up the entire Eight Mile Rock Constituency side streets and verges in preparation for the recently held Local Government Conference? Yes you are right again, the same son who was given the grant to start the landscaping company. So he got paid out off his mother’s $100,000.00, what a disgrace!
    In my book that is call a conflict of interest, and to take it further I call it money laundering, because all the MP is doing is legally recycling the $100,000.00 back in her house. But I guess that’s what a Dumb Boo ghetto MP does. They steal money that is air-marked to help the poor people of their constituency.
    I hope this matter be fully investigated, and all of those sorry good for nothing MP’s be exposed for squandering the country’s money during these dreaded economic times. How in the world they figure that they can just take $100,000.00 each, and give it away to a handful of their supporters and family in the name of beautification, while the rest of the country suffers.
    In Short Order

  6. Sorry for my impolitic diatribe there media…I did say allegedly, and the stuff about the dock etc, are true.I can send you affidavits if you like.

  7. @JR
    You get East Street and I will get Kemp Road and let the Hanna come out of me. I want you Christie to lose your patience, maybe then you would do something. Have a good weekend, I hope you read the budget so that you could make a meaningful contribution and not those long profound statements that confuse everyone. Enjoy your reading Christie, hopefully you could learn something.

  8. LOL. Media, everything cool man, you do your thing and I’ll do mine. As for Examiner, you must be new to be getting into name calling with me. I’m trying to be a good Christian so I won’t go there with you but since Media allowed you to call names and leave out some letters, I can only assume the same courtesy will be extended to me when my patience runs out and I have to get all East Street on you. Its just like the class bully to try and belittle someone for trying to be smarter than him. Poor thing.

    This sniping at me don’t change the fact that we’ll probably always be on opposing sides if the commentary is just that, commentary. Media, you know just what you’re doing with this. LOL. Christie Fridays….thats funny.

  9. @JR
    Well Jr. as you know it is ‘Christie Friday’ again and as you know its our practise to have a comment on here of his WUTLESS leadership. Well this will be done in short order. Yes you guess it correctly, Christie will be up in the next story.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. @JR
    You are so smart, move to the head of the class. BP, do you notice any semblance to Christie?, Plenty words and very profound, but saying nothing, get with it Christie. Dumb A–.

  11. @Examiner
    Supporting someone and defending them are not the same thing. I support Perry but I haven’t defended him yet

  12. Is Examiner on the writing team at BP? Wow. And what does anything I say here have anything to do with the PLP website? Are you saying I work for the PLP website? LOL. BP, last time I checked Media thought it was WoW who was the PLP Admin posing as a blogger here. Goodness gracious. Looks like Examiner needs to get some of BP’s medications too because you’re losing it and you are not as smart as you would like to think you are. You my friend, are trying to confuse things and BP is on that train with you. Maybe you should look up the meaning of “defend” and then come back and try to apply it to anything I have ever written here. Like Canesfins, you might not show up any time soon because you can’t find anything that matches me defending Perry. Now if you said that I have bashed Glenis, you may have a point but even then, I have always backed up my concern with her with a fact and it is not the baseless approach that some of you use against Christie. Media knows of the mess she has made and goes out of his way to prop her up and make her seem like a hero and I can only guess why. There is plenty evidence here in my words to make that case, but defending Perry? LOL. I won’t even start with Hubert because it is clear he’s the most hated man in the country.

    I won’t even waste my time with Examiner (define semantics please) because he’s not writing the stories as far as we know, BP is and BP knows honestly that I have yet to write anything on this site that could be considered defending Perry. Now if you say I challenge BP more vigorously whenever he does a Christie story, then you have me guilty as charged. Those stories are so filled with vitriol that they demand a challenge because often times, they are based on nothing more than BP’s opinion that Christie is not a good leader and God’s most evil creation. We get that already and I told BP earlier this year that that record is scorched and played out and its time for him to give someone like me who will think before I act, the goods on just why Perry is no good. So far, I’m still waiting and its like clockwork that every other week, we can expect to see a story like this, complete with Christie photo. The campaign is in full swing, we get that already, just give me more than that is all I’ve been asking.

    Now how that becomes me defending Perry, I don’t know. How Birbal get in the middle of this? I don’t know. Shoot, I challenged BP on Kongwa so I guess that means I’m….what? I don’t know.

    If you want me to say I support Christie over all the others in the PLP, then I’ll happily do so and to be honest Media, I do recall writing just that to you before and caught hell from you for it. I do believe on this “free and fair” site, that is the privilege you gave us, isn’t it? Now that that is again on the table, can you please dig through the archives and find me one comment where I wrote anything that could approximate to a mindless defense of Perry Christie by me. The good Media would be fair and say they can’t find it and there is nothing there. The bad Media would get mad, threaten to ban me and call me bootlicker, Perry’s sweetheart, and anything but a child of God. Then turn around and warn other people about bad language and name calling.

    Only on BP, you gotta love it.

  13. @media
    BP, We have not heard from canefins since I told him if he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to stop hanging with Fred. Well I saw him in the papers the other day saying he is interested in running. Well Canefins, beware of the PLP vultures, they want your Daddy’s money.

  14. So you are not a Christie boot licker JR? Really? Boy we’re in a state of dementment. What your name is again? Oh we forget who we talking to already.

    Ummmmm call me back let me go take my pills. Oh goodness what pills I gata take now? Goodness we forgetting everything. Where we are now? Hello , hello, hello….

    Someone help us out here, please….

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  15. @JR
    Jr, stop playing with semantics, you and Christie are one and the same. You are defending Christie every post on this site. I suggest that you start a blog on the PLP site( Sorry, Christie site), because if you say something about the PLP, it is never posted. I suggest BP ban you from this site until we can get free speech on the PLP site. BP, when the editorial board convenes, I propose that you add that to the agenda. Thanks.

  16. Examiner :
    Jr, you guys need to go to your PLP website and help the 3 bloggers on that site. You can say and kiss PC butt all day and night long.

    Find me one thing on this site where I am praising Perry Christie or kissing his butt. Please, find it. I’ll wait. I’ve got the time. BP can help you out too. You won’t find it because it isn’t there. No need to apologize. Just play fair.

  17. I haven’t defended anything about PC yet on this site. You mistake questioning the basis of your arguments and “articles” as being defensive of PC. Your records will bear out the fact that my issue with you was and remains the fact that you write these things with nothing behind them but your feelings. Then you attack anyone who doesn’t join your choir and sing the chorus. This whole thing about Birbal is another attempt by you to deflect on me. I don’t remember if I commented on his capture or not and I don’t know if I need to if everyone here was doing it already. I speak up on things that interest me and I challenge things that don’t make sense to me. You really have to get your affairs in order if me not commenting on something bothers you. Check your record, I don’t comment on a lot of other things too so does that make me the Unibomber?

    I don’t know what any of this has to do with any other website seeing that I’m obviously reading this one and enjoying it. Three more months of leave = lots of BP reading.

  18. @JR
    Jr, you guys need to go to your PLP website and help the 3 bloggers on that site. You can say and kiss PC butt all day and night long.

  19. JR :
    You see how quick they are to brand anyone who challenges their PC hate as a PC spokesman? There is no debate if we are all in agreement BP, lesson number one. You can’t have it both ways my friend, so ease up and allow what’s good for the goose to be good for the gander as well.
    [Reply]media Reply:May 29th, 2009 at 4:01 amI warned you before JR to watch the insults at us when it comes to us attacking Christie. This is NOT Christie’s private space, not his den, his patio, his kitchen NOR HIS BEDROOM. This is a global portal of open space which speaks truth unhindered and FREE! Don’t dear come in here to tell us who to attack and not to attack. I remind you again, THIS IS NOT CHRISTIE NOR THE PLP private places…GO TO DAT OTHER WUTLESS WEBSITE FOR YOUR PROTECTION!
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Here we go again with the double speak. You say that this is “a global portal of open space which speaks truth unhindered and free” but yet, you get offended when I do just that and its not to your liking. Please tell me what should I do if I don’t agree with everything you have to say about Chrisitie or anyone else for that matter? Is this site only for the haters and those who agree with every word you say? You are seriously contradicting yourself BP and so openly. On the one hand, you want to say you encourage debate but then you have a problem when people dissent. On the other hand you say that this is a space to speak freely, but it seems its only free when we say what you want. Threats seem to be your final position when the argument isn’t going your way. I really don’t know what to say to you about any of this because its all out in the open just what the deal is here.

    It is really funny to read you write that this is not PC’s space. LOL. As much as you have the man on your mind, I can understand why someone would get the impression that it is just that. You are the one who inserts him into every little opening you have you know. We don’t write the stories or steer the discussions, you do and you can’t get mad at anyone if you yourself turned this into a PC spot.

    Maybe you should lay down the law for all to see one time and be done with it. If you want to disagree with BP on a point, this is not the place for you. If you disagree with the argument BP is making citing the fact that it is just another opinion piece based on nothing more than feelings, this is not the site for you. If you BP says up and you say down, then find your own site. If BP says yay and you nay, go to some other wutless site. If BP says 8 days in a week, there must be 8 days in a week. All of you seven day a week people can find your own site. If BP says he wants to attack PC because he can, then anyone who wants to defend him can go somewhere else. This is BP’s world and we’re just the squirrels trying to get a nut, right BP?

    So much for the unhindered freedom of speech in this portal. You just contradicted yourself again in the same paragraph. If I ask you to ease up with the baseless bashing and go find some real stuff to bash the man with, then how is that an insult? If it is an insult, then can you explain why is the “insulting”left up only to BP? Didn’t you try to insult me and my reading just yesterday until I laid my current book list on you? LOL. I forgot, this is your site and you make the rules. Aye Aye Captain.

    • Well, if you think we are not allowing free speech then JR try making those same comments you charge at us on other blogs, or newspapers. You would not get the light of day. Not even on the website of the PLP! They are VOID when it comes to freedom of expression, BP IS CHANGING THAT! YOU KNOW THAT JR, They are GAGGING GANGSTERS!

      Our problem with you is with your brodacious stand to protect a “COMPROMISING LEADER LIKE CHRISTIE”. We get angered when persons like you cannot find a nerve in your finger to defend the children of our country. AND WE KNOW WHY JR! TRUST US, WE KNOW WHY! Your silence on the capture of ANDRE BIRBAL speaks volumes, and it disturbs us deeply!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  20. You see how quick they are to brand anyone who challenges their PC hate as a PC spokesman? There is no debate if we are all in agreement BP, lesson number one. You can’t have it both ways my friend, so ease up and allow what’s good for the goose to be good for the gander as well.

    • I warned you before JR to watch the insults at us when it comes to us attacking Christie. This is NOT Christie’s private space, not his den, his patio, his kitchen NOR HIS BEDROOM. This is a global portal of open space which speaks truth unhindered and FREE! Don’t dear come in here to tell us who to attack and not to attack. I remind you again, THIS IS NOT CHRISTIE NOR THE PLP private places…GO TO DAT OTHER WUTLESS WEBSITE FOR YOUR PROTECTION!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  21. @media
    But, but Media, how is it any different when you attack PC calling him all sorts of names???

    I don’t call HI any names like you do because I respect the office!! I would attack issues and his none action on them though…

    It seems as though yall can’t take it when persons come to PC’s aid.. I thought that us disagreeing on issues causes good discussions… Why are yall hating???

    “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” HHH.

    • Man listen Objective the man who in the office ain’t respecting it. What leader you know does get on National TV and radio and tell the people HE SHAME A THEM, and still be walking around like nothing happen? IN MY BOOK that’s a TRAITOR OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! Get real OT he is a FAKE who has betrayed our TRUST! SOMEONE GET THE BOTTLE AND PISS AND PEANUTS READY!


  22. john :
    Screw you Thomas Finley!!

    I am happy that you agree with me. These things need to be said, and men like those, hoggish, with nasty ways, and wutless, need to be driven from public life…

  23. @tp
    I concur with your message TP it is indeed amazing, these WWUTLESS PLPs cannot take their lickings. NOT from Ingraham, Not from BP, nor from some of their own members. This is the reason thousands of people look at them from a distance. They are best described as “cannibals”. And when you cannot say what they want to hear, they’re ready to eat you alive!

    God help us if they were in charge of this country today.

    Bahamas Press/editor

  24. I can tell you why most of there people are leaving and going into private practice. They find out there aren’t much MONEY to spread around, and the PM handed them the “burnt end of the stick.” Many of these people entered politics with “WIDE EYES and MONEY MAGNET HANDS” but they found of from the PM that this time …”THERE IS NO SHADES OF GREEN” in sight.

  25. @Russell Johnson
    Ha,ha I have no objections to being ranked as one who appreciates Mr Ingrahm as the prime minister of this country.That is nothing I am ashamed of and I take my critcisms like a man. I speak out on all issues whether it be pro or con.Unlike most PLPS that come on this site only attacking Mr Ingrahm when PRESS makes a statement about him. But when it come to Mr Christie you can’t find your voices.Where were you on the post criticising Mr Christie for being a weak leader? Someone was so upset about this post that they even suggested that PRESS find something else to write about, matter of fact it is a good thing pens aren’t guns because PRESS WOULD’VE BEEN DEAD COUNTLESS TIMES. FNMs can jump on this and be all over Mr Christie, but what ever his short comings maybe he is still the keader of the opposition and we respect him at least if only for the office he holds,unlike those he is associated with. FNMs do not have to go around cussing calling names and making threats.

  26. I have always wondered if all Cabinet Ministers agree wholeheartedly with the nonsense that HAI does?Well now is is checkmate as the Minister in the South Western section of NP appears to be headed out the door to save his credibility.Well done Minister now I believe in you again./Captain the ship is sinking.captain the sea is rough.Bye bye HAI the most hated person in the Bahamas.You are so scorned that only TP continues to sing your praise on this blog and many more could bcos it is anonymous.Imagine that even ghost writers are pissed off with you lolo.

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