BREAKING NEWS >>> Legal officer files complaint of Sexual Harassment


1305.jpg<<< Micheal Barnett (Left) being sworn in as Attorney General of the Bahamas back in July 2008 at Government House by acting Governor General Arthur Foulkes.

Nassau Bahamas: Breaking News now coming into Bahamas Press confirms that a senior lawyer in the office of the Attorney General has filed a sexual harassment complaint.

We’ve learned that the senior lawyer reported the matter two weeks ago after the harassment incidents occurred by a member of the bar. The male lawyer is said to be relentless in his advancements and continues to SEXUALLY HARASS women in the government department. BP has learned that the lawyer also wrote a letter detailing her complaint to one of the WUTLESS media companies, however, the letter has yet to be published. The lawyer should now know, ONLY Bahamas Press takes such complaints seriously!england-wig

On July 24th last year BP delivered a story, which was publish under the headline which read, “A Sexual Predator in the Attorney General’s office”. In that article, we scolded the then newly appointed AG Micheal Barnett. We warned that Barnett has a serious problem with accepting the word “no” from females in the work environment, particularly when it comes to his lewd, obscene and vulgar sexual advances.

And now someone in his office has decided to take on this sexual spirit, and has landed the office under the lens of the media again. What will Barnett now do to fix this SEXUAL HARASSMENT mess now emanating out of his office? Who will now go to jail or before the courts? And will the Prime Minister now remove the AG if he fails to deal with the complaint?

Hubert Ingraham told parliament, during the debate to appoint a select committee to investigate sexual molestations at the Eight Mile Rock High School, that for the first time in the history of The Bahamas a senior civil servant will retire for allegations of sexual harassment. In a time when babies are raped, schoolboys molested, teachers abusing students and skipping town, today the Attorney General’s Office is now investigating a complaint of SEXUAL harassment within its walls. What will the authorities now do? We shall wait and see.


  1. @eagleye
    Eagleye how much times I gata tell yinner email the scoop and we would take it from there? This yinner website ya know! GET IT OFF YA CHEST and SEND IT TO US! EMAIL ONCE AGAIN.,

    Tell us where the law firm is. Who are the players. What was the SCANDAL and see if we wouldn’t publish it once we send our agents out!


  2. Trust me, Barnett ain’t going no where. His law firm probably has some of the most powerful people in the country and when the lawyers in the Bahamas want something to go away, it does.

  3. If you really want to scoop the other news outlets check out the law firms. They have the dirtiest dirt within their walls but the newspapers won’t report it just like this story. Funny how with all the financial turmoil and job losses you never read about any problems at Bahamian law firms. Hmm. What are they hiding?

  4. Kevin, you remind me of Jerome Fiztgerald, always has the facts. And facts are stubborn things! Good work kevin!

    That is my point with Mr. Ingraham, he is not that wily a politician, he just knows how to manipulate an uninformed electorate.

  5. Wrong mr.Thomas Finley,one can obtain the particulars and reasons for divorce if you don’t believe me just remember former FNM member of parliament Williams whose wife alleged that he sodomised her in their divorce petition.If you still don’t believe it is public INFORMATION ask lawyer Derek Ryan and all the things that are alleged in his divorce petition.I repeat again that the FNM tried to destroy mr.SHANE GIBSON’S MARRIAGE with the vicious lies about a sexual relationship with ANNA NICOLE.The FNM didnot care about his WIFE AND CHILDREN however they have placed a seal on this FNM member of parliament divorce file.WHAT HYPOCRITES THEY ARE.WILLIAM CLINTON HAD A PRIVATE MOMENT IN THE OVAL OFFICE WITH MONICA LEWINSKY, ASK THE AMERICANS IF THEY THOUGHT THAT WAS HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS.The prime minister said during the election campaign that he had written the police to investigate mr.Gibson for receiving a rolex watch from ANNA NICOLE.Well mr. Finley after more than 25 months(2 years and 1 month)with a restructure police department i ask a simple question,WHEN IS MR. GIBSON GOING TO BE CHARGED FOR ACCEPTING A BRIBE?THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE, NEVER.THE REASON WHY IS ALSO SIMPLE,IT NEVER HAPPENED.Remember mr. Finley it is one thing for ALLEGATIONS TO BE MADE AGAINST YOU AND SOMETHING ELSE TO PROVE THEM.The minister of housing also alleged that massive shoddy work was done on government low cost homes.Now in the light of day the minister said government had spent $3 million to carry out the repairs to those homes.1300 homes were built at $3 mil for repairs that works out to $2308.00 per house or in other words the FNM LIED.IT IS TIME FOR THE MEDIA TO CONDUCT THOROUGH INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE FNM,LET BAHAMIANS SEE IF THE FNM WORDS MATCH THEIR DEEDS.

  6. I shall keep my silence until I get more facts.However if there is the slightest indication that the matter needs scrutiny by any other agency then whoever is under investigations must resign.Since I notice that MPs now refer to this blog during their presentations someone must either deny or admit that an enquiry has commenced.Like my good friend HAI said in 1984.”let the chips fall where they may”.

  7. @kevin mckenzie

    Fair enough….but a Divorce is a Civil matter. The other guy was accused of what is a crime ( accepting gifts to perform your legal responsibilities); Roberts was accused of something very serious as well, very different in that a Divorce is nobody’s business other than the litigants…

  8. Thomas Finley when i wrote that the Attorney General placed a gag order on the divorce petition of a fellow FNM member of parliament,the correct legal term i should have said was SEALED.The information is correct therefore i will repeat it that the AG placed a SEAL on the divorce petition of a FNM member of parliament.

  9. “we warned that Barnett has a serious problem with accepting the word “no” from females”… This indicates that Media is alleging that the sexual predator is indeed the A.G. In the aforementioned article he entitled Barnett a SEXUAL PREDETOR. A serious allegation; so he (Media) must have documentation to prove same. Unfortunately he then clouds the issue by writing “and will the P.M. now remove the A.G. if he fails to deal with the complaint?” If the allegation is made against the A.G. he must forthwith remove himself from the position of A.G. if the allegation is against another worker in the office, he must suspend that person, cause a complete investigation and mete out the proper punishment.
    PLPs! Why continually make these things PLP versus FNM? You deflect from the issue by your comments. The Issue is one of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

  10. So Media, are you are aren’t you saying that the sexual harassment complaint is against Barnett? Your article was very well written to say it without saying it if you know what i mean. I hope that you put the full weight of your influence behind this because you can’t have it both ways where they’re trying to destroy people when the shoe is on the other foot. Also for the sake of the victims. People have to be able to go to work without the fear that they have to perform sexual favors or endure advances for their careers. This bastard needs to be exposed and I hope they drag his ass through the same thing they dragged Bradley through. And to think, Michael Barnett isn’t a good looking man by any stretch of the imagination. Yuck.

  11. kevin mckenzie :
    Bahamas Press please publish this letter right away!!!
    The Attorney General also placed a gag order( i don’t know the legal term) on a FNM member of parliament divorce petition.what hypocrites,

    The AG cannot put a ‘gag order’ on anyone or anything: where you get that from?

  12. Bahamas Press please publish this letter right away!!!Remember it was the prime minister who said that he FORCED A SENIOR CIVIL SERVANT INTO EARLY RETIREMENT JUST IN APRIL/MAY THIS YEAR.The Attorney General also placed a gag order( i don’t know the legal term) on a FNM member of parliament divorce petition.what hypocrites,they tried to DESTROY SHANE GIBSON MARRIAGE WITH THE SO CALL ANNA NICOLE SCANDAL BUT DON’T WANT THE TRUTH OF THEIR MARITAL AFFAIRS TO BE KNOWN!!!WELL LETS SEE WHY THE AGS OFFICE IS IN SHAMBLES AND THE REAL REASONS THEY CAN’T WIN CASES IN COURT.

  13. BP I remember that piece you wrote when Barnett was sworn in as a minister…

    I remember when Bradley Roberts was going through his ordeal, the FNM wanted him to be placed on leave or be fired so I will wait to see what they do now that one of their own is in trouble!!

    I thought that it was unfair to Brad but they thought it was wrong for Brad to still have his job while being investigated so if they don’t do something, they would have gone against their own principles!!

    I don’t see anything wrong with a minister/MP being on the job while being investigated unless there is clear evidence that that person is guilty!! We must remember that there are all sorts of reasons why people file these sort of complaints..

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