Breaking News Another murder #177th since 2009


Murders in the country tonight have climbed for another year to a new all time record under Hubert Ingraham’s watch. Bahamas Press is reporting another man is dead tonight following a fatal shooting.

Shortly after 7pm this evening two males were shot multiple times by the occupants of a red vehicle through Woods Alley, just north on Macket Street. We can confirm one of the men died on the scene. The other was taken to PMH where his condition is listed as serious.

Since 2009 the murder count has climbed once again to a new record level. Since 2009 some 177 persons have been classified as murdered in the country; with scores more unclassified in the system. What is even more distressing is the fact that less than a handful of murderers have been tried or convicted for their crimes.


  1. we as a nation must join together and sacrifice for a day or more of prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have turned our backs on god and the punishment is clear!!!!! the warfare is here and we must ride the storm for it is our season!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reading this is scary! Just a short while ago when there was a murder in our country it would be a HEALDINE for ZNS and other Media, now because it occurs so frequently they place it behind the bs of POLITICS and other nonsense that just causing the COST OF Living to increase. I am tired of the talking WE ARE READY FOR SOME Action – Pay the suckers back who are making OUR Bahamian Society look bad! I am tired of the people who protect the criminals running on about rights, DEAD PEOPLE have no rights so who will fight for them. I pray for the safety of my family because ANYONE *uck around with my kids will not live to see the free food at Foxhill and like all the other scum sucking sissy’s i’ll lay off and wait to die while I enjoy the luxury of not paying bills and get wanked on time.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for permitting me to express how deeply saddened i am about the current state of affairs in our beloved Bahamaland. Criminals are running rampant and lawlessness seems to be the order of the day. I ask myself is this issue of lawlessness unique to the Bahamas or is it worldwide because of failing global economies. Have those in our country charged with the responsibility to safe guard our citizentary gone deaf,blind and dumb? In order to combat the seemingly overwhelming vexing problems we must first identify the root causes.
    I do believe that our problems stem from several factors !. a breakdown in the family unit. 2.A lack of hope. 3.Economic downturn. 4. Governmental neglect. I will expand upon these targeted points in part two…..but to get to the meat of the matter. Not wanting to sound rhetorical to rebuild the family structure we must begin to employ strategies of old we must pray together,we must eat together we must embrace hardships together we must sort after institutions like boys/girls brigade,boy’s scouts we who have benefit greatly must now begin to look and give back. We must provide a sense of hope amidst the turmoil ,we must say to our young men though the path be littered with thorns i shall i shall never stop believing i can get to the otherside. Those charged with governing our nation must make decisions base not on the “what’s in it for me?”but in the best interest of the people. we must bring together stackholders in our society (everyone of us) and have meaningful dialouge and most importantly execution of sound ideas. We must now become creative in our thinking and determine in our resolve to see a brighter more properous Bahamas. We must look at job creation not only from external forces but foster and environment of ” how can i improve my present state”. We must make our young men and women feel that that they are as much apart of this society as everyone else.
    I do believe that a people who forget God are doomed to perished!

    • If a person needs god to be a good person then they are already perished. there is good and there is bad, you dont need a bible to tell you the difference, and if you do then you are bad and will always be that way.

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