BREAKING NEWS: Murder near the FNM Headquarters on Mackey Street



Click to listen to ZNS report.

Nassau, Bahamas — Whilst FNMs were patting themselves on the back on Love97FM today, suggesting what its efforts creating a good and peaceful state, less than a block a way blood was boiling in the heat of the sun. A cousin stabbed another cousin right nearby the FNM headquarters around 1PM today.

Yes you guessed it, before police can investigate one crime scene, The Bahamas has now recorded another murder here in the capital.

Bahamians should notice since the last mass release of criminals in April of some 205 individuals, the country has now spun once again into a bloody crime wave. On Saturday an American woman was found in a plastic bag and discarded on the side of the road.

Tommy Turnquest told Bahamians just before the last general elections when the FNM assumes power, crime will cease. But since May 2nd, 2007, the blood of young Bahamians have poured into the street like a river running down the tongue of the ocean.



  1. So unfortunate that no deterrent appears to be visualised to stop the bleeding.What is happening now is not good as its setting the stage for future violence.For those of us who lived in the early 70s it is a familiar precursor that must be avoided at all cost.Programs must be advanced to calm the streets.Urban renewal which was slaughtered by the Govt.needs reintroduction b4 it is too late.Forget who created it since it was working or unless the Govt.has another program that could be a panacea bring it back and lets move on.My prayers are with the affected family during their time of grief.

  2. Media, is the crime statistics for the Bahamas for the past 4 years available online? I would like to look at the different categories of crime (rape, arm robbery, murder, etc) and compare the last 2 yrs of the PC administration to the first 2 yrs of HAI administration. Is the trend in those categories going down, flat or up?

    You know when the leaders are going to get tough on crime? when a Natalie Hallaway type murder takes place in the bahamas. We all know our leaders dont do anything substantive unless there is international or local pressure or its an election year.

    Sad but true.

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