BREAKING NEWS! Crybaby has WON Marco City Again!



Zhivargo Laing and Pleseant Bridgewater leaving the election court.

Nassau, Bahamas: Zhivargo Laing has won his election court challenge by 27 votes in the Marco City recount today. Laing and supporters were all happy now that Bridgewater team would now have to pay Fred Smith’s legal costs. And now at a time when that is plenty, PLENTY money.

One talk show host called the FNM and PLP ‘Champions of Democracy’, but one should ask, what WUTLESS champaions can be among them when Errol Bethel is still in charge of administrating ‘CROOKED CORRUPT Elections’ in this country?

Hubert Ingraham  saw corruption in the police force and he moved Farquarson and the top brass of that institution. Ingraham saw corruption in the Customs department and he decided to get rid of that former head and his generals. Ingraham saw corruption in the immigration department so he shook up that department and fired the top brass in that organization.

But here again after a botched local government election this year, which caused a minister of the Ingraham cabinet to resign. After over 100 votes were tossed out of the Pinewood election court challenge, where illegals voted and where people had two voters cards, with different locations. And after today 50 plus ballots had to be tossed out of the ballot box, where the court ruled that those voters illegally voted in the May 2 general elections. How could Hubert Ingraham now fix his mouth to say as he said earlier this year, that there is nothing wrong in the registrar of elections office in this country? Here is the very reason Ingraham on this website is equated with the name ROBERT MUGABE!



  1. Wisdom: I probably heard that somewhere else so I will not take credit for it. BP is doing its part by giving us free reign to express our thoughts. I am seeing quite a growth in we “Blogger” as well as in the site itself. I must note that the last session in the House was more in line with “love one another”. There is hope yet Wisdom!

  2. Joe Blow, BP is fast becoming an EDUCATIONAL blogg as well, with your presence (I hope BP is paying you good). I love that line…..Truly, some minds are like concrete; thoroughly mixed up and permanently set. LOLLLLLLLL!!!
    Boy you better copy right that line. If PM Ingraham unleash that phase in parliament on those Christie and the PLPs they are finished.

  3. “Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them”. Was there ever an election or contest entered into in the Bahamas that people did not object to the side that won and accused it of being “on the fix”. In the end what difference does it make? Mr. Laing has been declared winner twice so let’s let this Government get on with the business of governing.They will do what they are capable of doing and if the voters don’t like the job they do they will be voted out in the next election. While we shame and blame and argue we absolve ourselves of the responsibility of doing nothing about what is happening. Truly, some minds are like concrete; thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.

  4. I must agree Joe.
    But you and “JOE BLOW” seems to have the same problem with Christie.
    I must admit you are bringing back BAD memories about Christie. Just thinking about how he ran the goverment, makes me feel that the FNM is doing a good job. But am not sure that is the case.

  5. JR, Christie was advised of what could happen, he being his usual do nothing self, did nothing. He changed the boundaries at the last minute and called election when he was already losing. I don’t care who cheated he was in charge, he created mass confusion with registration,he got to take the blame. As far as cheating all of them do a bit of it they just got beat at their own game. If he wasn’t such a last minute person, he might still be PM.

  6. So Rudy, you made the pont for Canesfan because the point of the petition is to have the ballot box opened. Because they normally dismiss the case before it gets to that point shows a lot of dirty dealings went down and the evidence was strong enough. It ain’t gat nothing to do with the merits of the case. The PLP just need to know how their people voted and be certain. The bottom line is that cheating went on, the FNM benefitted from it even though they won and if you can’t see that Rudy, you ain’t as smart as you think you ar.

  7. Rudy you living under a rock in Nassau eh? The FNM cheated because they had their people in the civil service allowing that crap to go down. The presiding officer let people vote with improper ballots, planeloads of people came in from T&C to vote and everybody knew what was happening. Bahamian people so stupid and greedy and shallow because we will say anything when it is our side on top. Rudy, your party won the count but lost the case because they opened the box. I aint never heard of them opening the ballot boxes before this elections with this many votes thrown out.

    Plenty cheating went down in those other seats too. Now Rudy, if you call Christie the worst PM in our history, what does that make Ingraham this go around because he is worse than anything Perry ever do wrong and that saying alot. What BP called him? Mugabe? Alright then.

  8. First time I ever hear the opposition party cheating and winning. It was always the governing party who had control of the machinery, but then again Christie aint had control of anything. He was warned several times, and imagine he say he taking the party into another election. As far as I am concerned he should immediately hand in his resignation. He was an awful PM, the worst one in our history!!

  9. Hey look guys, I am tired of this nonsense about election court. We must focus on the issues. Especially those that directly affect our lives.

  10. I will bring forth the facts after BP Posts his article and then comments and Opinions can elaborate from there.

  11. So what you are saying is the that Judges actually know what are on those ballots before they are looked at. It is up to the parties to do their investigation so tht when they challenge and succeed the vote must be for their opponent. She just did not have enough to win, it had nothing to do with the courts. Most of the time they don’t even get to this stage before they dismiss the case.

  12. That is not true – history shows that it is very difficult if not impossible for the opposition to win an election court, just look what happened in 1992 as evidence. A seat was stolen in that election

  13. The court did order a scrutiny and they would not have known the outcome, so in this case I don’t think you can say they tried to maintain the status quo. If they wanted to do that they would have not allowed the scrutiny and dismissed the Petition.

  14. This does not surprise me. From personal experience I can tell yout hat election court after the government has changed will generally always be in favor of the sitting government.

  15. I’m waiting on the Bahamas Press special on Errol Bethel, Keith, Tricks and all the other crooks who gave us a 4th world election system. We neded to scrap this system and start all over again.

  16. I am suprise no one has commented on this as yet. Congrats to Mr. Laing on the Confirmation. I thought I would have seen FNM supporters giving shout outs or is it that they are not too happy depp down inside and know that there isnt really anything to celebrate about. I have the facts of what went down today. This is a Democratic Country and I will deliver the facts here on Bahamas Press. No one should be happy about what has taken place in this country when it comes to our rights to vote. That should be very respected and highly favoured. Those who head this ministry should hang their head in shame and be resign forthwith.

  17. Well I don’t feel sorry for her. Her business partner will have to come up off some big bucks! The two of them Laing and Pleasant like to play with God, always quoting scripture and talking about being priest and pastor. I guess now Pleasant will go to her higher calling and become the priest she said she wanted to be. She must be aint read that verse that say Be not deceived God is not mocked. In this case Peter aint no better than Paul!!

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