BREAKING NEWS>>> Major Shake-up in Police Prosecutions Department



Keith Bell, former head of the police prosecutions department.

Bahamas Press learned over the weekend that a major shake-up is underway following an investigation into the prosecutions department in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The department was once headed by Keith Bell whom abruptly resigned from the police force after a long career in the institution.

News coming into Bahamas Press have confirmed that transfers of officers out of prosecutions department is currently underway. Bahamas Press has been informed that upon an internal investigation into the department, authorities have no alternative but begin the transfers as evidence points to major corruption within the department taking place. A source close to the investigation revealed that scores of files allegedly have mysteriously ‘gone missing’ within the department creating frustration between the attorney general office and the courts.

“Murder, drug, rape and assault files all have alleged to have gone missing within the department with person having no clue as to where the files are.” One source told Bahamas Press.

“I want to save my job, but I cannot live and see my country fall into such wickedness. I would not live with my conscience sitting tight-lipped and saying nothing. I have seen where police prosecutors and personnel in the attorney general’s office shred whole files with cases that were still pending. They have all cause the judiciary to fall in the collapsed state it is in today.” The source said.

An officer with the department, #2039 Mackey who worked within the prosecutions department and served for 18 years on the force with 10 spent in the department has already been moved out of the prosecution department, following Bell’s resignation from the Force.

More transfers out of the department will be done in the coming days, and one source noted, “some officers when the investigations are completed will find themselves before a judge.”

Bell abruptly resigned from the police force calling for an urgent attention to the judiciary in the country. However no word has yet suggested whether Bell resigned because of the results of the internal investigation.


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