Road dug up and traffic lights out, are we moving forward or backwards?



The ‘Wutless Media’ in the country are to discuss these things on a daily basis. But they want ads to continue their ‘Rag Sheets’, and therefore they never mention these things that just plague the lives of ordinary residents in The Bahamas. This corner Lewis Street (above) is once again dug up. The road is just outside in the city area of New Providence, Nassau. It connects East Street just under the hill and Market Street. Utility companies have gone a second time again back in the road. When will common sense reach those companies to realign pipes and wires alongside the road and NOT in the road? We have further noticed the many lights traffic lights that are out on the island, creating havoc on an already congested island. Can someone PLEASE ring EARL DEVEAUX phone off the hook and tell him DO HIS JOB? Traffic lights cannot be repaired anymore?


  1. EARL DEVEAUX lives outwest so he could careless about the lights that are out of order. Maybe if his wife or his sister or maybe his driver was to get in an accident at one of the lights, then he will fix them.


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