Breaking news now coming into Bahamas Press confirms a plane has crash landed off the coast on the island of Bimini….


Bimini, Bahamas — With persons racing to the scene as we write you this information Bahamas Press is reporting that an aircraft has crash landed and is currently submerged in rough waters less than a mile off the island of Bimini.

Eye-witnesses tell us the plane had just taken off the runway in South Bimini but a sudden turn in bad weather plunged the aircraft into rough seas. At this hour one boat is near the crash site.

The seas are rough, the weather bad and the plane is under water. No one knows how many persons are on board. The aircraft is said to be a private American aircraft.


  1. ood afternoon,

    After speaking with two officials from the Bahamas Civil Aviation Department, both individuals confirmed that some body parts were recovered from the water including a skull and part of a hand.  A wallet was also recovered.

    The aircraft have been located and is also being removed from the water for an investigation to be launched on what caused the crash.

    In addition, because of the sensitivity of the matter the identification of the owner of the wallet will remain undisclosed.

    As it relates to when the search for remains will halt, the officials said “it is unknown at this point.”


    Krystal Knowles
    Chief Archivist
    Research and Resource Unit

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