Minister challenges new GB Police Officers



Both the Baton of Honour and the Commandant’s Award went to #3444 Lynette Leadon. She accepted the top recruit honours from the Minister for National Security the Hon Tommy Turnquest.

FREEPORT, Bahamas — Minister for National Security the Hon Tommy Turnquest told the latest group of Police Officers that they were selected in keeping with the Force’s forwarding-looking policy of recruiting progressive young people with skill, competence, capability and talent.

During the graduation ceremony for the 29 new officers on Thursday, Mr Turnquest added that the training over the past six months was holistic and reflective of the broad range of matters that will challenge them as Bahamian law enforcement officers.

The vast majority of the new officers of C-Squad were recruited and trained in Grand Bahama.
He said, “Having come through both the recruitment and training processes, let me say that expectations of your Squad is very high.

“You are coming into a dynamic Police Force that has gone through a generational change, particularly within its leadership.  New policing strategies are being put in place, which you will be required to implement, and to which you will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and proposals.”

Mr Turnquest told the group that as they begin their career in policing, he expects them to be flexible and adaptable, capable of performing the multiple roles they may be required to play during their career as law enforcement officers.

“I expect you to be responsible and accountable, courteous and professional.  The uniform of Police Officer does not give you license to treat people with rudeness and contempt.  Rather your uniform is a statement that you are at their service.

He said, “I expect you to be men and women of discipline and of integrity.  I expect you to meet your obligations to counter crime and criminality, no matter who perpetrates it, and no matter where it occurs.  I expect assertive and energetic policing.  Above all, I expect you to avoid corruption, and do nothing that would bring you or the Police Force into disrepute or disgrace.”

Mr Turnquest challenged the officers to develop effective partnerships, particularly in the context of Neighbourhood Community Policing, which will aid in doing their job effectively.