Three Americans are dead following plane crash in Bimini this afternoon


Bimini, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting three Americans are dead following a plane crash just of Bimini late this afternoon. Coast Guard cutters at this hour along with official from the RBPF on the island pulled three [3] Americans from the crash plane, which is still completely submerged under water. The identity of the victims are unknown at this hour.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the friends and families from Davids good friends, The Fenns (Mike, Miles and family)

  2. andrew peterson< aka pete< is a great person and friend of mine , one of the most amazing people i have had the privilege of knowing for near two decades, if any one has an real solid proof that they have no bodies i will be on the first red eye down there and search for him my self, please , i need a little hope right now.

  3. We pray for their families in Naples. We are still in Nassau  (Atlantis) trying to get the latest news from the the Royal Coast Guard & police or be of  any help.They say that they found one  body so far, but we do not know who it is.  They haven’t  identified it yet.For all the family & Friends: we are  thinking of them every minute.We keep in our heart last minutes before they headed to the airport.  They were  happy and smiling, drinking Pina Colada. I’ve never met people so loving and enjoying every second of their life, living every minute of it  as if it was the last one…We wish we could be more help for their families! The names of 3 people on board of the plane: David Howell (pilot), Andrew Peterson & JP Antonmattei. If I had a chance to see them I would say that they are the greatest people I’ve ever met. I’ve learned a lot from them ….I miss  them greatly…

  4. The name of 3 people that  are missing:David HowellJP AntonmatteiPete (we don’t know his last name)We refuse to believe that there is no hope, despite the police telling us that there is no chance. Miracles happen. Please, if anybody has latest news, we’d like to know.We feel so devastating, the news of the crash still don’t sink in.   We saw them just before they left for the executive airport, we still see them smiling and promising to see us soon.  I’ve never met more optimistic and energetic people. We were making plans, living an laughing…And now….Oh, god….We don’t know what to do….there is nothing we can do….just hopeDeep inside we still hope …

  5. We are the two people who were the last to be with them (David Howell, JP Antonmattei & Pete), before they took off for Florida on January 17, approximately at  2 PM. We flew all 5 of us from Great Harbour  to Nassau Executive, but then stayed here at the Atlantis and the guys  decided to go back to Florida, 3 of them!We are still praying for a miracle and can’t believe that sort of things might happen to such great people, so full of life & energy. We feel honored to have meet them and made plans to see them in Canada soon or in the Bahamas.Last night was a nightmare, we waited for the response, but have no phone numbers of there family members, just the cellphones numbers of David, JP & Pete (and those were with them on board).We contacted the police but they have no news on the people found. Please, if anybody has the first information, please pass it to us. Our email again is :

    |We are praying for a miracle despite all odds ….

  6. Do they know the identities of these people yet? If not, I may know who they are…how do I contact the authorities?

  7. It was nNOT 5 people, we are the 2 people who did not fly with them, but flew before that from Great Harbour to Nassau the day before. They were 3 on board. We are in chock as our friends died:  David Howell, JP Antonmattei and Pete (Sorry, do not know his last name). We will niss you guys, Sasha and I are so devastated, we spent the last 3 days together, flying all over, and the plane exploded in the air a few yard away from Bimini. God Bless our dear friends!More detail email me at sasha@email.comfor the relative, we have only for them lots of pictures of all of us during these last few days and videos!!!

    • This has to be a hard time for you and the family of the persons that was on that plane. Just know my prayers are with all of you. Continue to trust in God, because he can get all of you through this.

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