BREAKING NEWS: Papa Doc rebels disrupts community into boiling feud


4200617_w350-1<<< Photo of fire engulfing a home in The Mud community. Neighbouring Haitian shanty town Pigeon Pea is thought to house around 3,000 Haitian migrants and Haitian/Bahamians on an area of land opposite the main port in Marsh Harbour. [File Photo]

North Abaco, BahamasStudents of Abaco Central High School are rioting following a cultural war in the north. The school is situated in the heart of Prime Minsiter Hubert Ingraham’s constituency. The riot broke out between a group of Haitian and Bahamian students early today.

A source on the ground in Abaco tells us, “From the looks of it, this is a turf war. Apparently, Haitian students were touting for a long time that as long as Ingraham is in power they could do what they wish. Further, many of them are riding on their laurels of their parents being brought from Haiti specifically to vote for Ingraham.

What many don’t know is that the police is feverishly trying to track a cache of fire arms believed to be stored in the Mudd [The Papa Doc Abaco’s Haitian community ].

“We know that the group is headed by a ZOE POUND leader known asBin LadenPinder. A coup could be looming on this northern Bahamas island, and we are urging the Government to act quickly,” the source said.


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  2. @ronica7
    I see you already have a head start, that‘s good. I have to start from scratch. What are you saying anyway? I hope you aint telling me off and I right here smiling….lol….

  3. This is just the begining. We allow “illegal” haitian women, to either become pregnant, or come here pregant and have thier babies. then the clarion call goes out that we have so many “stateless” persons here…when will it ever stop.

    Illegal haitian women should not be allowed to have thier babies born in the country. That is the root cause of this problem. I tell you, we are a bunch of “idiots”. Our children, will be facing some hard times ahead.

    Especially with the declining literacy levels among our students. The meager jobs to be had, have all been taken up by “illegals. Why have we allowed persons of other nationalities, to sit on street corners selling phone cards. The water market is cornered, the construction market covered. Grocery stores. Restuarants. Fast food outlets. Hotels. Gas stations, and there is the ubiquitous “illegal” Unless, and until, “illegals” realise that they cannot have thier babies here, we should all learn creole “101”

  4. @Kim Sands You tell him or her Kim, the subject matter on this post is about rioting not robbery, but chinalover, you are all over the place on another subject, but addressing you matter, any nationality that doesn’t have it will get it legally or illegally but in this country, most black people that have anything substantial, they got it doing something illegal ie:numbers, drugs or stealing satellite signal, among other things, again, spread the wealth Bahamas, and chinalover, if you have a country where they suppress their own people, along with oppressing another country, are they stupid?, or is it just fun loving people like us, who are maybe just a little misguided by copying other cultures like you, and stop insulting others for their views, it doesn’t make you look or seem very intelligent, I’m a Bahamian lover and damn proud of it.

  5. chinalover :who cares, i dont. we have these type of “riots” every other day in nassau and it is all BAHAMIAN BORN AND BRED children and adults doing all the criminal rioting and stealing and murders. Keep blaming the haitian and see where that takes you, thats right .. RIGHT HERE at the crime level we are at now .. next time you get robbed ask the man with the Bahamian accent if he is haitian or Bahamian … why a people in a whole country could be so dam stupid.

    By the way, I don’t know what part of the world you live in and where you were when you were typing this comment, but if you came from a different country and you are now living in our beautiful country the Bahamas and you view all Bahamians as being stupid, because we allow foreigners come here and call us stupid, then why you don’t go back to your country and make it a better place for you and your people, since you have so much sense?

  6. @chinalover
    Right now, we can’t say who doing what. If the Haitians and other nationalities weren’t living here, then you could say its Bahamians doing these things. You have Haitians who engages in illegal activities and you have Bahamians that engages in illegal activities. These days you don’t know who is Haitians and who is Bahamians, we allow it to get to this point, so all we could do now is try to work together and stop blaming the crime situation on nationality and start blaming the perpetrators, because blaming it on the Haitians or Bahamians serves no purpose other than creating bad feelings between the two nationalities.

  7. who cares, i dont. we have these type of “riots” every other day in nassau and it is all BAHAMIAN BORN AND BRED children and adults doing all the criminal rioting and stealing and murders. Keep blaming the haitian and see where that takes you, thats right .. RIGHT HERE at the crime level we are at now .. next time you get robbed ask the man with the Bahamian accent if he is haitian or Bahamian … why a people in a whole country could be so dam stupid.

  8. 14 students arrested in Abaco

    By JASMIN BONIMY ~ Guardian Staff Reporter ~

    Fourteen students were in police custody last night following a violent altercation at Abaco Central High School that the police said erupted over a hair pick.

    Superintendent Norville Smith, officer-in-charge of the Marsh Harbour Police Station, confirmed that the police were holding the schoolboys ages 14 to 17.

    “We are interviewing them to find out what role they played in the fight,” Smith said. “So we’re just trying to find out who was responsible.”

    According to Smith, police responded to the school shortly after 11 a.m. after officers received a call alerting them to the disturbance.

    When asked what triggered the fight at the school, Smith said, “The information we are getting is that the fight was over a comb or hair pick, but that is the only information we are getting right now.”

    Smith added that two of the students received minor wounds after they were reportedly stabbed with hair picks.

    The officer said given the injuries that came as a result of the altercation, charges are expected to be pressed in connection with the matter.

    “The persons who are responsible will be charged. Whoever initiated this thing and caused harm will be charged,” he insisted.

    Ministry of Education and school officials were not available for comment up to press time last night.

    But Smith said while violent incidents such as yesterday’s brawl were not common in their small community, minor after-school fights have been reported.

    However, school violence in New Providence is not an uncommon occurrence. Just this week two teenagers were stabbed following altercations on or near school campuses.

    On Tuesday afternoon, a Government High School student was stabbed in the neck after he was ambushed while walking home in Yellow Elder Gardens, the police reported.

    The next morning another Government High student was stabbed after a fight with another student.

    Friday December 4, 2009

  9. Lancaster, I would add Paul Turnquest, Wendall Jones, Candia Dames, Rogan Smith, Sasha Lightbourne, and Nikky Kelly to that list of journalists.

    It is inexcusable for the entire fourth estate to publish and air the response from the director of NIB and not report the charges leveled against the Board. Most readers and listeners had to infer what the charges were from the response of the NIB director.

    The riot in Abaco could be another black eye for tourism, but that should not prevent the media from objectively reporting the news, not make or repress the news. To do so would damage the credability of the fourth estate and cause us to lose confidence in that hallowed institution. I sense increasing cynicism and a decided sinister attitude toward the media in this country and that cannot be good for a democracy.

    Having said that, the damage control is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism and other government agencies. The media should just stick to reporting, unfettered, and without fear of or favor for any group of interest or any agenda, overt or covert.

  10. @lancaster I agree with Altec, there are no good journalist around, none that show themselves, there are good reporters, they report what they are told to report, they speak the queen’s english well, these people want to collect a paycheck at the end of the day, take care of their responsibilities, keep up with the Joneses, they are trapped in a Catch 22, they are not there own man or woman, puppets, I’m so sorry for them, I couldn’t live that way, that’s why I have no job.

  11. The last real journalist this country has seen were the likes of Obie Wilchombe, Yvette Stuart, Paulette Zonnicle, .. there are a few good ones left who are good reporters like A. Felicity Ingraham, Agnes Ferguson and of course Mr. Juan Mcartney…

  12. @Awakened
    Awakened, when BP posted the question about readers favorite journalist i was shocked as i came back and checked the names some of the bloggers listed. Reading of off a teleprompter doesnt make you a journalist nor does repeating what the politician said is considered journalism.


  13. @Altec I’m sorry Altec, I was making a little funny, on the media being subtle, I guess it didn’t translate in words, but you are correct, and BP is correct, …….there is only one media house in this country, JCN was the other and they(THE POWERS THAT BE!!), took a shot across Jones’s bow, to put him in his place, you can listen to any news cast in this country and it all sounds the same, like they are all reading from the same script,(I’m serious listen carefully), it is scary, to think this is the direction our country is taking.

  14. @media
    BP, each media house has someone covering the HOA! The question is why didnt the reporters, editors or news producers for the media houses think that the allegations brought up by the PLP members was not news or worthy of news time? Thats the question.

    Like you said, for them to cover the response when there was no coverage of the initial charges speaks volumes and it leaves the listeners and readers wondering what the response was all about and thus uninformed.

    The media in this country is so incompetent and lazy that they wouldnt know news if news hit them in the face!

  15. @Altec
    But let me add to their BLATANT BIAS. When charges were made against NIB in the HOuse only Cable 12 covered the allegations. But today everyone is covering Cargill’s response? How could that happen?

    The MEDIA say they OBJECTIVE? Objective my you know what!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. Well I believe they were not able to comment on it, because they did not receive any instructions from up top and the people up top want us to believe they have things under control, which couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. It is a sad day for the country, when journalists are not able to do their jobs without interference from people with special interest.

  17. @Awakened
    you think the media bias is subtle? Jokes, blatant is more like it. How can you have an uprising on an island where officers had to be brought in and no media outlet in the Bahamas reports it?

    Just like how you made a call to Abaco and found out what the deal was, couldnt ZNS, The tribune, The Journal, Cable 12 or the Guardian do the same thing? This story should have been the lead on every newscast this evening.

    Question is, will the newspapers tomorrow morning have anything in its morning editions concerning this situation? They cant say they didnt know, because we all know they all read this site daily.

  18. Awaked when you see media can carry the response of NIB Chairman and not carry the charges he is responding to you know the media in this country is WUTLESS!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. @Altec I made a call to Abaco, this story is true, and I have not heard it on any other media outlet yet, it’s a shame, I seriously think that there is a subtle media bias in this country, am I paranoid?.

  20. This is not surprising at all, I guess I always believe this day would come and this is not all, there is much more to come. Yes, stay tune…

  21. @welmuddoes It definitely an Immigration and National SQ problem, but how are we kidding, let’s not act like Bannister can do anything on his own, all ideas are HAI’s, those guys follow the leader, they are a bunch of BORG’s, and I also agree that the country takes on the attitude of it’s leader, remember when we were soft and kind?.

  22. So, riddle me this my fellow Bahamians, Is this an ‘Immigration’ problem or a ‘National Security’ problem? Oh, wait prehaps it’s a ‘Ministry of Education’ problem? Thoughts?

  23. In the course of Business Management studies, we learn that the Ethics that the HEAD of an organization Value will be reflected in it’s operations. Moral of the story, ‘the HEAD (Government) of our organization (Country) values LAWLESSNESS AND UTTER CHAOS. Stay tuned.

  24. Man not Abaco… please don’t say that.. this is one of the only hopes where the economy is staying a little bit float… the second home owners overthere must be trembling in their paradise getaway homes…

    Man something has to be done to serve as a deterrent to crime… and gang violence in this country… This brings back the memories of the Nassau Village Riot so clearly…

  25. Carvel Francis, after all these years I cannot believe you are still at it, only this time you have your own site and cannot be fired for this crap. Well Muddoes!!!


  27. Once again in less than the cycle of a week, Mr. Ingrahams or something linked to his indirect involvement is making headlines. This is symptom all known to well as what I describe as ” CHRISTIES BAD LUCK SYNDROME”
    Meaning no matter how hard you try, a shadow of misfortune is following you.

    Perhaps now the FNM will see exactly why we should not plat politics with the future of the country. Should the urban renewal program have stayed in place along with other programs that’s conducive for sound community development, this situation may have been averted.

    Studying the traits of the haitian people I can assure, these are violent people… blood causes them to ignite not retreat. We should monitor this incident carefully and do all to ensure a cout does not broke out as predicted by BP….

  28. Sources in North Abaco now tell us the situation could reach the levels where a defense for vessel will be dispatched for assistance.

    Bahamas Press has sources already on the ground and will report as we are updated further.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  29. It will be interesting to see how the media portrays this incident. Will HAI make a statement or will he remain in his cone of silence!

  30. We report you decide. It is as simple as that.

    We said corruption is at NIB, NIB says its none. You decide. That That!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  31. BP your source maybe sensationalizing this story just a bit dont you think? A “coup” in northern Abaco? really? What is in northern Abaco to be “couped”?

    A Haitian group (Zoe Pound) has a leader with a Bahamian last name (‘Bin Laden’ Pinder)? Really? LOL!

    I am not doubting that there was/is a riot going on, but your source’s embellished analysis has me doubting his/her creditability.

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