Breaking News…Another Violent Rape Incident at a Public School


carl_bethel<<< Carl Bethel, minister of education.

Bahamas Press has just learned that another rape incident has occurred on a public school campus. Details are sketchy at this hour however, we’ve learned that the incident has severely traumatized the victim, and has caused Carl Bethel, minister of education, to turn the matter over to the police for an investigation to begin.

It was just last weekend when Bahamas Press called for Bethel to resign as minister of education, following the discovery that a pedophile art teacher who was stationed at the Eight Mile Rock High school on Grand Bahama had fled the country. Berbile was under an investigation for raping more then 20 boys at the school for more than an eight year period. He was seen in Miami changing money. The following day the ministry announced that Berbile had resigned. Two of the victims had came forward and reported the matter to the police, however police on Grand Bahama and New Providence made no arrest.

Readers of Bahamas Press would also note our concern of a rape incident which took place at the once prestigious Queen’s College last year of a 13 year old student. The attacker was Bethel’s now 18 year old son. No investigation resulted in that incident.


  1. News is Breaking faster than we can publish it…. Bahamas Press has just learned that the Shell Saxons Super Stars has been declared the official winners of the BOXING DAY 2008 Parade. The announcement came following a meeting held by the JCNP last evening.

    We’ve been told that members of the Valley Boys has not taken well to the announcement and stormed out of the meeting following the announcement.

    The Valley Boys were celebrating their 50th year on Bay Street last year and were declared the unofficial winners of the 2008 Boxing Day Parade, beating out the Shell Saxons Superstars by 9 points.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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