Breaking/Damaging information is coming out of another country AGAINST A BAHAMIAN POLITICIAN…BAHAMAS PRESS SHALL REVEAL THIS Wednesday….Stay Tuned!



  1. BP you have promised much in the pass …and failed to deliver. You remind me of a 26 year old vixen who always promisin this old man some wery wery provoctive things. She ain deliver either!!!

  2. @Kim Sands

    I totally agree with you kim it’s like an epidemic, for the last few months one after another these people who we have entrusted with the governance of our country has been exposed for some wrong doing, and these aren’t just light stuff these are 20 to life matters.What is that saying to us as a nation, as a people, as a christian nation?

  3. These politicians causing us man!! Economy done isn’t doing well, visitors arrival low and every time these politicians get themselves in troubles it’s making it worse for us. Things will never get any better at this rate.

  4. Monday will be hot! hot! hot! Pleasant must be already picked out which one of those white suites she is planning to wear for the big day. She has to be extra stunting this time and make this entire thing look like one big misunderstanding if there is anything explosive on those tapes. She would probably try to project a very confident and innocence appearance, like she has been doing. I must say she seems pretty convincing, the way she is be modeling going to court and it is just hard to believe she is even on trail. I understand though, she can’t appear to be falling to pieces, because that will just make her look very guilty for sure. She is a lawyer, that probably has years of experience in advising her clients on how they should dress for court, so I think she will be okay in that area, it just that so much emphasis is being placed on these tapes now.

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