Brent Symonette convinces Cabinet to lease the Town Centre Mall for the new Postal Service…


Parliament will engage a resolution on the agreement for Investment Minister’s Town Centre Mall building…

Town Centre Mall to be site of New General Post Office.

Nassau – Bahamas Press has breaking news coming out of the Cabinet Room today where Ministers have agreed to lease space inside the Town Centre Mall – owned by Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette – for the new post office.

We cannot confirm if the Investments Minister Symonette was in the room at the time of the vote, but we know here again is another huge lease granted to a member of the Cabinet of the Bahamas.

BP understands the Transport Minister will tomorrow table a resolution on the floor of Parliament to get the blessings of the Lower House to further enrich the Investment Minister in the relocation of the postal service to his building.

Readers should remember the Minnis Government stopped construction of the new postal complex just across the road from the Town Centre Mall. The building was well on the way into construction, which was a centrally located area for the mailing distribution centre.

No details have come on the cost of the lease arrangement and we also know some remodelling must be carried out on the building to allow the service to commence.

Well, we can only guess, bearing in mind there are some 600 businesses with scores of government lease arrangements being paid to the Minister for Investments, this is just another big one to enrich Brent Symonette. It’s dese people time!

Many should remember how in the last Ingraham Administration this same Town Centre Mall was used as central office spaces initially for Jose Cartellone Constucciones Civiles which was responsible for the New Providence Road Improvement Project (NPRIP).

We report yinner decide!