No inspiration comes from the FNM! Minnis’ Party cannot inspire a mosquito anymore…



A woman with oxygen tank and wheelchair joined the march against the Minnis Government to Bay Street.

Nassau – Well, the FNM, which is blind as a bat when it comes to running the country, is once again issuing press releases about the PLP rather than talking about solutions for the struggling economy and finding work for the growing number of unemployed Bahamians.

The facts are that Bahamians are not feeling the FNM. They are not seeing any vision from the Minnis Government and they are feeling a sense of loss and despair.

There is no hope for Oban, no solution for Grand Lucayan and no plan to fix Grand Bahama.

Bahamians see rising taxes and greater hardships from disconnetions to evictions for the poor.

Perhaps, if Carl Culmer’s speechwriter could find a new tone, the Bahamian people might listen. But from the looks of things – THERE IS NOTHING NEW COMING FROM THE FNM! It’s not the People’s time and, from the news on the ground, it’s NOT EVEN FNMs time!

We report yinner decide!