Brent Symonette’s natural resources business partner creates 70 jobs in Alabama on Bahamian Aragonite!


Florida company relocating to Gadsden, bringing 70 jobs – could these jobs be connected to the Mexicans on Abaco?

Ocean Cay, Bahamas Mining Aragonite.

By William Thornton |

A Florida-based company is relocating to Gadsden, bringing 70 jobs with it.

Calcean Minerals and Materials is investing $2.6 million to come to Alabama, according to The Gadsden Times.

The company specializes in oolitic aragonite, a type of refined sand used in glass, plastics and in agriculture. The sand is harvested from lease concessions granted to the company in the Bahamas, according to the company website.

“Our products are created in the spirit of carbon footprint reduction, carbon sequestration and sustainability, without sacrificing performance,” the company states. “Products made with Calcean all benefit from reduced carbon footprints and replacing non-renewing elements.

Mayor Sherman Guyton told the newspaper the average salary of the 70 jobs will be about $44,000.

Officials said the main reason Calcean decided to come to Gadsden was because of the developed and readily available workforce. Calcean Minerals and Materials could begin operations in a few weeks at a location on Thomas Drive off Alabama 77, formerly occupied by Jay Mid-South.