Briland business owners unhappy with the unfair practices against black owned operations through Emergency Powers!


Is the police paid to keep black businesses on BRILAND CLOSED AND LOCKDOWN?! NO ONE CAN SAY!!!

The Government Dock at Harbour Island.

Dear BP Editor,

I’m a concerned Business Owner on Harbour Island left wondering, how is it that black owned businesses on the island are asked to close at 9pm nightly while the white business operators can remain open until the wee hours.

The police can enter the black businesses demanding closure but the other businesses are packed to capacity with tourists. And to make matters worse no one from authority can tell the people why, for how long or where the restrictions came from?

It is also alleged that these restrictions will continue until August 16th. This matter is so dire that tourists have either left the island, or refused to spend money to boost what use to be a robust economy.

From November to nearly three weeks ago, Harbour Island had little to no Covid 19 cases and there were no deaths! The people of Harbour Island are irate and angry, and are left wondering if this incident is a racial one. The outgoing MP for the Island (Who we will not name) doesn’t seem to care and is not communicating with the people on the issue. This is appalling! The tourist seem miserable and unhappy. Briland is no longer the same!

If this type of action continues until August and with hurricane season underway we are unsure of our financially future.


A concerned Harbour Island Business owner