BTC Introduces Mobile Top-Up for as Little as $1

Geoff Houston - BTC CEO

Nassau, Bahamas – One week after a privatized BTC announced it was dropping long-distance connection charges for inter-island calls originating from mobile phones, there was more good news today for cell phone users. Pre-paid consumers will soon be able to top up the minutes on their phones at dozens of new and modernized locations, including at cash registers in grocery stores and fuel stations, and will be able to  add as little as a dollar to their prepaid accounts with a new product — EZTop-Up.

“The introduction of a new system in top-up technology with greater flexibility in amounts from $1 to $99 is another important step in fulfilling our pledge to provide better customer service at lower rates,” said Geoff Houston, BTC CEO. “The updating of the current distribution channel and the introduction of the new EZTop-Up system also allows BTC to increase efficiency, create new entrepreneurial opportunities and better serve the southern islands.” In addition to increased physical locations, customers will be able to add minutes through EZTop-Up online. Although regular phone cards will still be available at new brightly-coloured booths and kiosks, the company believes the transition to the more efficient top-up method will have wide appeal.

After weeks of testing, the new automated system went live at 12:01 nationwide today in New Providence, Abaco, Andros, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Exuma, Bimini and the southern islands.

“Today, for the first time in BTC history, pre-paid mobile customers are able to go into a participating fuel station, give the cashier a $20 bill, ask for $19 in fuel and $1 on their phone or go to the food store and use their change to purchase top up  minutes,” said Houston.

It was just over one week ago on July 10 – Independence Day, that BTC revealed its ‘One Nation, One Family, One Number’ fee reduction for cell phone users, eliminating long distance charges for all calls originating from a cell phone to anywhere within The Bahamas, whether to a fixed line or another mobile phone.

Today’s announcement was said to be part of a series of improvements BTC plans to unveil under its new partnership with Cable & Wireless Communications, which purchased a 51% stake in the company in April of this year.


  1. This is Horrible!!!! BTC done done it again!!! “create new entrepreneurial opportunities” that’s Bull! Who has the small people in mind………Phone card vendors was putting bread in plenty children mouth. Now they increase the prices and only want food stores and gast stations sell the cards(Gast station and food store owners are already rich!) Why does the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor? Have a heart and rethink this BTC! Shame on Hubert for selling us out!

  2. Well the chickens are now comin’ home to roost. Ya ga feel the pinch of the REAL corporate monopoly, and nuttin ya’ ca’ do bout it. We paid discounted prices, as little as $16.00 for $20.00 phone cards. With the elimination of the card venders BTC will charge us the full rate and keep all the profit for themselves. How in the world this Government could sit comfortable and whatch the poor little business person whose berely struggling in the these times be destroyed….SHAME on you.

  3. What happen to the rate reduction promised by BTC to come out in July for cellular minutes. He said he was just waiting on ERCA to approve. So whats taking so long!!! 33cents is too much for a minute! Why isn’t the opposition talking bout these things!

  4. it’s true the venders phone cards gone up? so it force us to buy mins at the store now that’s cheaper bad news for us on the whole! where will the venders turn now to crime?

  5. Thanks to C&W street phone cards vendors will soon be an ENDANGERED SPECY.C&W is making ALL the profits and the Bahamian people are stuck with the bill.Remember i warned the public that their wallets and purses will be RAPE BY C&W !!!

  6. Very good spin. However, I somehow remember that a $20 card was being sold for $16.99, or 3 for $50 not too long ago. Tell me how I am saving when I will now pay $20, and $60 for 3 cards. BTC is privatized but the only thing that has changed is, there is a management team of 9 expats that replaced 9 Bahamians. “Een long now”. I hope dey could vote for ya, but the way things gern I wont be surprised if they could vote next election.

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