BTC Olympian Shaunae Miller on Red Carpet at Atlantis…


Atlantis welcomes Shaunae home in style

Olympian Shaunae Miller
Olympian Shaunae Miller

Paradise Island, Bahamas – Atlantis, Paradise Island laid out the royal treatment for Olympic gold medalist Shaunae Miller as she returned to Bahamian soil following her 400m triumph at the 2016 games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Complete with red carpet and greetings featuring Junkanoo music from a host of employees excited to get a glimpse of the newest Bahamian icon, Miller was met outside the Royal Towers Lobby by Senior Vice President and GM attached to the Royal Towers, Stuart Bowe.

Surprised by the reception, Miller said the love shown by Atlantis was an amazing feeling. “I’m still trying to take it all in, but I’m really very happy right now. This is a very beautiful hotel and I feel really blessed.”

The track star was treated to a 2-night stay in a Royal Towers Suite.