BTC practises APARTHIED LAWS in the workplace against Bahamians – and Christie them does not a damn thing about it!


Injustices rule at telephone corporation in the Bahamas – rank discrimination and wanton disregard for Bahamians continues at BTC!

Nassau Bahamas — Bahamas Press continues it earth shattering probe of BTC and we can tell you since our first article the phone lines have been ringing off the hook.

BTC workers should march to Parliament and get Rodney Moncur to carry the flag.

Our mail boxes have been clogged jam tight and all we could tell both BTC and the Christie Government is: “Get ready for the ride”!

BP is combing sensitive files at the telephone corporation and what we have uncovered is no joke: foreigners are blacklisting Bahamians in their own town while the few Bahamians who are elevated to the top assist in the backhand slap exercise.

Now that you know that there are several expats at the corporation without work permits, here is another thing you should know.

The unemployment rate in the country is in the double digits, and there is no way we should be entertaining foreigner workers at the scale they are being welcomed at BTC.

The new Christie pounded the campaign trail promising 10,000 new jobs for young Bahamians! Had the Gold Rust Government done its job it would discover a huge number of individuals at BTC whose work permits have all expired! Would this be a good time to send many of those foreign staff home?


But this is not all we have uncovered.

LOST IN SPACE! >>> New generation of leaders have no courage to organize one meeting to begin talks with BTC! PLP GOVERNMENT losing support by the day!

Bahamas Press agents have discovered that much of the imported labour at BTC are handsomely compensated while Bahamians at the same corporation are denied overtime payment!

We have been advised that the average foreign consultant receives the following in compensation:

· Payment: 10k per month

· Room and board: 3-5k per month (many reside at Sandy Port, Caves Village, Chertsey Villas and Balmoral properties)!

This is what some would call rank “APARTHIED LAWS”, where rules in an organization are suspended for some and enforced against others, particularly locals within the same country – and in a 2012 Bahamas something gata be wrong with DAT!

And guess what: when Leon Williams ran BTC he was offered nowhere near what current CEO Jeff Houston make.

· Senior VP children’s educations covered by BTC! Did yinner know that and that they attend the Lyford Cay College behind the iron gates fully paid by BTC [and brought to you by the addicted Bahamians hooked on buying minutes!].

What a country!

We in this town better wake up and wake up BIG TIME!

Cause while they working – yinner and yinner children are getting sent home! And the betrayers we elect are continuing to allow this backside rape of Bahamian wealth to continue.

We report yinner decide!