“BTC SET TO COMPLETELY “FIBERIZE” THE COUNTRY” With the support of the world’s largest internet and television provider


BTC CEO Leon Williams

Nassau, The Bahamas. March 27, 2017. BTC recently announced that more than 5,000 residents have transitioned to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services. The company is now preparing to complete its fiber rollout throughout New Providence.

CEO Leon Williams stated “In response to the increased demand for fiber throughout New Providence, we are now accelerating our efforts to complete this project. We are moving up our delivery date for the complete “fiberization” of New Providence. Our parent company, Liberty Global has delivered over 1.4 million, 5 gigabit-ready homes in 2016. In the UK alone, Liberty was able to add over 946,000 new customers and will be adding enriched bundled portfolios with mobile offers, and the addition of new content and functionality including the launch of Netflix. We intend to do the same here in consultation with the regulator. BTC is pleased to have the backing of our parent company, as we completely upgrade our platform throughout this country.”

“We will exceed all service providers in broadband speed and quality. The FTTH expansion project will allow us the ability to offer a platform of limitless possibilities for our customers. With the addition of FTTH, BTC will be adding a number of smart technologies and value added services.

“With respect to funding, BTC is on solid footing and is backed by the world’s largest international television and broadband company, whose revenues exceed $20 billion dollars. Liberty employs more than 45,000 team members, has over 25 million television and broadband customers and over 10.3 million mobile subscribers, with over 5 million Wi-Fi access points. With that said, funding will not be a challenge for BTC as it moves to complete its rollout.”

BTC remains optimistic about the next several months as we aggressively push to add fiber to every home in New Providence. And even while we are working in New Providence, we still remain committed to also rolling out this service along with FLOW TV throughout the Family Islands,” Williams concluded.

Liberty Global, BTC’s parent company, enjoyed a stellar financial year having achieved all of its 2016 Guidance Targets. Profits were up 20% YoY. The company has an operating income of $683 million in Europe, which is also up 22% YoY. This is the kind of success that BTC is indicating that it will ride on as it feverishly pushes to complete the fiber project.

Fiber to the Home was introduced in 2016. The technology is superior as customers receive a dedicated broadband connection right to their doorsteps. Since its launch, BTC has commercially offered the product to Eastern New Providence, Rum Cay and is currently trialling the service in San Salvador, Crooked Island and pockets within every Family Island.