Businessman in Briland about to get justice after robbers who robbed him are in police custody…!


We believe a close relative of the male victim organized the robbery…

The Government Dock at Harbour Island.
The Government Dock at Harbour Island.

Harbour Island, Bah – Quick action by Police in Eleuthera have led to the arrest of a suspect and the recovery of a firearm and stolen items following an armed robbery that occurred on that island Tuesday.

Reports are that shortly after 3:00am, a man was asleep at his home located in Harbour Island, when two males armed with a shotgun and toy gun forced their way into his home and demanded cash. The males robbed the man of cash, a cell phone, jewelry and beat him about the body before fleeing on foot.

Police immediately launched an island-wide search for the two males and confronted them two hours later at a dock in North Eleuthera. The males on seeing the officers pointed a shotgun at the officers. The officers in fear of their lives fired their weapons at the males who fled into nearby bushes. The officers gave chase and were able to catch one of the males.

A shotgun, and all of the stolen items were recovered. The second suspect was caught upon arriving via mail boat into New Providence.

We believe both suspects are friends of the victim’s relative.

We report yinner decide!