C. I. Gibson’s music instruments stolen just days after a confessed thief was speaking with students…


Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting another major robbery at a government school right here in the capital.

Educators at the C. I. Gibson School tell us this week the music room was broken into and much of the school’s musical instruments were stole. No report from the police has come in on the incident and we at BP are just getting the details of this incident.

We wonder why, after happening some days ago now, nothing has been reported or conveyed to the press.

Some say the instruments are key to the educational training of young people.

Just on Nov. 5th another school C. H. Reeves’ administration invited a fired Bank of the Bahamas teller to speak with students. The ex-banker had stolen some $50,000 from the bank account of a former Governor General. After we learned of the speaking engagement, we warned educators about what the fired banker could possibly teach young people? How to rob and get away with it?

Anyway, all the school’s music equipment is gone – what ga happen now?

We report yinner decide!