Cabinet has agreed to hire a Nigerian and Ugandan to assist with prosecutions in AG Office…Bahamians NEED NOT APPLY!

Former Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) David Baxter Bakibinga is yinner new Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions! I keep telling yinner Carl Bethel is WUTLESS and Hubert Minnis is SHAMELESS! – IT’S DESE PEOPLE TIME!

WE HAVE BREAKING NEWS FROM THE AG OFFICE| The Bahamas Government has agreed that there are NO Bahamians qualified to be DDPP and ADPP.

The New Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions is a female from Nigeria and the new Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions is from Uganda Mr. David Baxter Bakibinga.

The new hires carry the many benefits for working inside the government like housing, transportation, phone and the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, a Bahamian Acting Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister remains unconfirmed and was superseded as he is still attached the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Boy, we don’t know when ya’ll ga have enough a this wutless Minnis-led Government!

Bahamians yinner don’t need to apply! And we add: What in da hell is dis?!

We report yinner decide!