Cabinet Minister confirms, “I is Haitian and I have two Passports”!


The Minnis-led Cabinet!

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press right now confirms a Cabinet Minister is now battling for his seat in the Cabinet Room.

The Minister went on national radio and told his whole story as to how he ended up in the Bahamas and applied to “Get Straight”.

Since those reports, the Minister has fled the country and cannot be found, not even by his own superiors in Government.

Sources believe the Minister has fled to the southern Caribbean Island nation to renounce his citizenship. We wonder what name he used in that passport? The constitution is clear on these matters, and the MP would have deceived the returning officer on the day of nomination by failing to disclose his second nationality which would have made him ineligible to nominate.

This one isn’t looking good for PM Minnis who didn’t properly vet this second Cabinet Minister. Sources close to the developments tell us, “He is done as a Minister in the Minnis Government! All we have to do now is find where he is hiding.”

As our favorite Haitian-born correspondent would say, “Wat in de hell is dis?”

We report yinner decide!