Cabinet Minister gave his buffed roommate an $80K consultant job at NIB


f1-housing-minister-large<<< Kenneth Russell

Nassau, Bahamas — There’s another Cabinet Minister in the Ingraham government that gives the Prime Minister a serious headache.

Ingraham’s plane touched down at LPIA last night after a 10 day Alaskan Cruise viewing the polar bars. Through clouds of thunder and lightening we could only ask the question, why is it every time Ingraham is coming back into the land elements go berserk? It did the same on August 19th 1992, 17 years ago when Ingraham was thrown into power by the people for the first time.

The man we dubbed The King of Naught, Kenneth Russell, is another member in the Ingraham Cabinet who is not performing and has gotten himself in a heap of trouble. Russell you see is the WUTLESS FNM MP for the High Rock Constituency. From meetings in the area we are told that those people are still suffering. Catching eternal from the devils in red suit who loves to breathe fire.

FNMs on Grand Bahama must seriously evaluate Russell’s wutlessness. When election times comes around again they must ask the KING OF NAUGHT, what have you done for us lately?

Residents in the constituency tell us Russell has left them in shambles, suffering on the wheels of despair, hopelessness and empty promises. Residents of High Rock have yet to see a single school built promised for their children. They have yet to see the roads paved, which were promise to be done in their community. The people of High Rock are still waiting on the “jobs, jobs and more jobs” promised to their community. And night after night that community of High Rock still sits in darkness; there are no lights on the streets as was promised to be delivered their MP, Kenneth Russell. He was once the Minister of Works! Boy, this something ech?

Russell cannot find his fingers to deliver what he promised to his constituents but boy oh boy Bahamas Press has a story for you. Whenever Kenneth Russell wishes to help someone, he does it with all his might! He sure knows how to bend over backward to do it too.

lewis-3Bahamas Press learned yesterday the reasons why Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had removed Russell from heading National Insurance back in 2008. Documents coming to BP confirm that Russell had hired his male roommate, Iram Lewis, as a consultant to the Board. To this day no one at NIB knows what Lewis’ duties were.

We know Lewis is a qualified architect and a two time Olympian for The Bahamas in the men’s 4X100. But here’s the scandal.

Russell awarded the hefty $80,000 consultant job to Lewis when he was the Minister with responsibility for NIB. Russell and Lewis, interestingly, were roommates living together in an apartment condo through Perpall Track off West Bay Street here in Nassau. The two have live together since 2007, during the same time Russell was appointed Minister with responsibility for NIB. And that’s not all.

Sources in NIB tell us Lewis collected an $80,000 annual salary because he lived with the minister. “Could you believe this is the level of scandals now coming out of an Ingraham FNM government? They sent home hardworking people who build this scheme, but people living with the minister are making twice as much as those who were fired,” the contact at NIB said.

Readers viewing the news last night would also know that Lewis is also the Project Manager appointed to oversee the construction of the new stadium now being donated as a gift from the Chinese people to The Bahamas. The former Minister of Youth and Sports, Neville Wisdom appointed him to that job. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Russell we also know, used Lewis on the campaign all through his constituency to help him get elected, whilst Wisdom secured the track star a job overseeing the stadium construction. And now this raises more questions. Who was Lewis really supporting?

And the conflict here is this; how did a Cabinet Minister issue a contract to someone he lived with right here in Nassau? And what recommendations advised by Lewis were indeed accepted by the Board with the minister’s influence? THIS IS A CONFLICT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!lewis-copy

Just last month Bahamas Press reported the termination of several managers at NIB. No explanation was given as to why the people were axed. And now here today we reveal the BIG SECRET as to why the minister was removed. However we wonder, why Hubert did not fire Russell? Could this mean Ingraham has turned so soft that he cannot deal with his Cabinet colleagues? Could this mean that Ingraham is has less control than Christie had? Or could it mean that Laing, Symonette, Russell are so out of control these days, Hubert cannot track their dirt and cannot find the gull to deal with them and axe them out of his Cabinet? Here once again another one of his ministers presenting a serious conflict of interest with SCANDALOUS proportions and yet the Prime Minister is silent and the minister still wheeling and dealing inside the Cabinet room.

All we at BP say is this, “It ain’t long Nah!”


  1. BP your story is interesting, however one correction. The former Minister was removed because of his manhandle and meddling with the former Director. Additionally the many lawsuits brought against NIB in that short period. He conducted himself like a run-away train with no brakes. He was easily influenced by the PLPs at NIB because of the scheme between the Chairman, the Board and Cabinet for favors. He could not discern from the cut throats like the former Deputy Director of Human Resources.

  2. @Latia
    Collie won blue hills because Leslie Miller had some personal problems that plagued him. No on wanted to vote for anyone who stoops to the level of removing a toilet bowl from his girlfriends house after she dumps him… “SHAMEFUL”… more so Leslie Miller stopped a hard working Bahamian from getting some fill and exposed him on television. This exposure was wrong it could have been a better way to deal with this…
    On the flip side of the coin, Bahamas hotmix diggin up the family islands making roads everywhere without proper approvals and nothing is being done about it because Brent has shares in the company.

    Don’t get me wrong I fa PLP but as it currently stands a strong 3rd party could leave the PLP in far 3rd position in a general election. I am just not comfortable with the kind of leadership I am seeing…

  3. @Johnny Tucker
    Interesting how some Bahamians just see that now…You get what you vote for ..Perry Chritie ain’t no saint ..but hell I will chose him any day over Hubert…..Ingraham and besides ..Where is the beloved straw market.. he ws supposed ot build in three months… hmmm all htost staunch p.lp. who gone and vote f.nm.. I hear they crying …and what happen to the promises to the police…ha..ha.ha.. laughing at them they traditionally vote f.n.m ..that is good for them..
    Nurses..hello.. the man so blatant /He can find money to fix roads for the beauty pageant and can not find money for the raise and the health insurance….
    Who takes care of the caretaker….Now you all are very familiar with that phrase…
    get it right time get it right ..and to yall P.L.P’s you know where you gone wrong.. Galanis is not the right job for the P.r

    and do keep the Bahamian ppl. informed..and do visit your contiuents.. don’t be like Allison Maynard.. She was at her office religiously and still lost the election..My Bahamaian ppl.. wehere is the loyalty…where ..
    and How did The Collie Man win in Carmichael without going out and campaigning ..I will never understand that …..Leslie Miller ..don’t offer ppl. no ham or turkey again o.k.. ppl look for a hand up not a hand out and opportunity… nothing else ..


  5. @Bahamian Journalism?
    “Firstly Mr. Kenneth Rusell and Mr. Iram Lewis are related nothing scandalous about them living together”.

    I hope you are wrong but obviously you have intimate information and your statement as printed shows a clear case of conflict and nepotism.For this alone Minster Russell should resign immediately.Since you know the facts why dont you state them by denying that you received a cheque.A few weeks ago Sen Fritzgerald came to this site to refute allegations and signed his name.Are you prepared to do likewise? And please dont blame me for currying up to BP as we peruiodically have our nasty spats.And yes I believe you are Lewis or the Minister.lolo

  6. Mr. Editor, pray do go ahead and show us the proof. If as you’ve confessed you have the letter of his contract you will be able to list the duties listed in this ‘contract’ also the length of said ‘contract’. I will admit you’ve piqued my curiosity. I think proof is required before we cry shame on the minister.

  7. Wow!, you see how you and Mrs. Christie go? When we say something that you agree with, you praise us, but when we say something that you do not like then off with our head! But, like the late, great Gahndi-G used to say, “The truth is the truth, my brother”.

  8. Is this what Bahamian Journalism come to? Printing assumpitons and lies to sell a story? Bahamian people research the facts for yourselves. Firstly Mr. Kenneth Rusell and Mr. Iram Lewis are related nothing scandalous about them living together. Secondly did the editor of this story stop to think that Mr. Lewis was awarded the contract for the stadium based on merit and not politics? And lastly it’s an outright lie that Mr. Lewis has gotten an annual $80,000.00 salary as a consultant for NIB. Sad!! Give us the FACTS and stop printing propaganda.

    • To Bahamian Journalism, this is not about Lewis, not are we injecting that Russell and Lewis something sexual going on. FAR FROM IT! The issue here is one of CONFLICT! And to be a relative of Russell makes it worse! That would be an ABSOLUTE ABUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS! It would be the highest level of Cookie Jar STEALING! It would mean Russell used the public funds for his own self, in the Thousands!

      Secondly we never said Lewis is not qualified, and even if we presented the letter of his contract someone will say it is a fake letter, just as they said with the communication we presented by BIS Deputy Director Sharon Turner. BP can prove, Iram Lewis was issued an $80,000 per year contract as a consultant for NIB. The contract was issued by the Minister responsible Kenneth Russell. Russell and Lewis shares a condo together on Perpall Tract on West Bay Street!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. @Russell Johnson

    Did you hear Chairman Sand’s answer to a JCN reporter when asked about the current conflict amongst Senior officers? I could not believe my ears. He said “a fisherman never says his fish are stink. If you ask me about conflicts I will tell you there are none but then the story may come out next week about current conflicts.”

    He is saying that he will lie anytime he is asked about problems on the RBPF. Wow!

  10. It gets stinker bcos the COP and the Chairman of the Police staff association two die hard Ingramhites are at war.All the bullshit talk about matter of trust and being better than their predecessors is now coming out in the open.Is Iram still working at NIB?HAI aint man enough to deal with hot issues that have come to the attention of the press and should just admit to the Bahamian people that he cant give instructions.Something that did not hit the radar was HAI appointing three Ministers to be acting PM during his stint on vacation .A natural coward this HAI,who tries to hide his shortcomings by talking plenty sh… in a loud manner.The Gods are mad as all of HAIs hidden failures are popping out of the ground at the same time.It did not have to be like this.

  11. Thomas Finley :
    I am starting to believe that readers are correct that Christie was indeed more decisive in dealing with wayward officials whom he had appointed.It seems that only when you cross Ingraham personally that he cuts off your head.Other than that, he will cover for you, or move you to another Ministry or Department!

    Finley, you finally waking up.

  12. This is a true story concerning the Minister responsible for Housing: I was at a town hall held by the Minister when someone posed a question about the behavior of officials responsible for issuing building permits, and how it appeared that some could get approval for apartments in a residential area, but others could not.

    I was shocked at the Minister’s response! The minister told the woman to ‘appeal’ to the members of the approvals board! What the hell does that mean,other to try and bribe the Officials? You can either build or you can’t, and the application should be evaluated on Policy, rules, and law! And the Minister did not smile, and the audience, as far as I could tell, were not outraged, or even flinched!

    Like the PM said, if you sit on your hands or you do not open your mouth, he will assume that, to quote the second best radio host in the country, Ortland H. Bodie Jr., that ‘You like it like that’!

  13. Can someone hand the PM a bucket of warm water with bleach and Festival?

    This is sickening!

    The least he can do before we vote his government out in another historical LANDSLIDE Election is to makle a token effort that he gives a shit by firing at least 6 of these CIRCUS CLOWNS at the top!

    LAING? Will STAY






    …and the SHOW goes on!

    Prove me wrong MUGABE! Go to the IMF one more time and get an international loan to purhcase some BALLS and do what’s in the best interest of the Nation!!!

  14. I am starting to believe that readers are correct that Christie was indeed more decisive in dealing with wayward officials whom he had appointed.It seems that only when you cross Ingraham personally that he cuts off your head.Other than that, he will cover for you, or move you to another Ministry or Department!

  15. Hubert Alexander Ingraham didnot FIRED former mp GREGORY WILLIAMS until mrs.Williams alleged in court that her husband SODOMISED HER.Mr.Ingraham said TOMMY TURNQUEST WAS WRONG to have a contractor pay for a party and that Tommy must return the $30,000.00 back to the contractor.Well to this day NOBODY HAS SEEN THE CANCELLED CHEQUE MADE OUT TO THE CONTRACTOR FROM TOMMY,all we have is the prime minister’s word that his instructions were followed.These are just a few examples of misdeeds that occurred during mr.Ingraham’s first terms in office,and he did NOTHING.

  16. I had no idea Russell was like that! And now Wisdom too?! I hope that it aint long now, but not for what you think, but until the Master returns to set things right…

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