A Cabinet Minister has Defrauded Money from Gov't!



Members of the Bahamas Cabinet, one of which we will be singled out this Friday on Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press learned over the weekend that a sitting member of the Cabinet and lawyer by profession has defrauded the governmenmt of the Bahamas of a substatial amount of taxed dollars.

Bahamas Press upon further investigations uncovered that the minister attempted to cover his tracks by way of bribery.

Bahamas Press demands that this minister in the Cabinet to pay ALL of the monies due to the government by 3PM this Friday (September 5th).


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  2. lol…..TJB, as a matter of fact I dont know who in their right mind can call themselves a “proud FNM” anymore. All FNMs holding their heads in shame right now. Aint nothing to be proud of….the country is being ran into the ground.

  3. Seems like you don’t have a life Proud FNM. This the 2nd attack comment from you I have seen. Say sumtin helpful we can use. Like the PLP Admin you need to get banished too.

  4. It is amazing this site has absolutely no credibility at all… I guess next time you all try to out anyone get your act togather.. this is the second time for the week…..

    You all need to get a life….

  5. Well, if you have the facts let the chip fall were ever they may. trust me I believe that the Pm will let them go if it is a fact. Trust Me. There will be no delay like the old PM.

  6. This is a case of stealing by reason of employment! Course of action should be termination from Cabinet; Resignation as a MP is he is one; and most importantly prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. As a public servant, he is entrusted with managing OUR funds. Anybody ‘teaf’ from me, I want them jailed!! I dead vex ’bout this!!!!!!!

  7. Our country will never be better if we as citizens don’t stand up against these so-called servants of our people, and the giant business companies who are gettng away big time with stealing from us (honest hard-working people). If we know these people are doing wrong to us and we continue to allow them to get away with it, either we are just as corrupt, or we enjoy whats happening. We should never behave nonchalent when are country is heading faster down the tubes!

  8. So another press conference is needed! He is stealing from the bahamian people! White collar crime is soooooo very prevalent in the Bahamas. Let’s make an example of him he should not be above the law, whoever ever he is!

  9. BP y’all only demanding that he repay the money? And then what? Remain in the Cabinet? He need to resign right now. No, he need to be fired right now. But guess what, this will be swept right into the closet with all the other Cabinet skeletons.

  10. I’ll bet any money it’s Dion Foulks. He already has three criminal complaints filed against him for fraud for the Stephens Close incident. He and Desmond Edwards have yet to be prosecuted….This was from Febuary. Nothing has happened since. So you can’t blame him for doing it again. The man has feather fingers..Tell him OMAR ARCHER SAID SO!!

  11. So why a guessing game? If they are defrauding the people drag their arse out! This should no longer be a game….when people everywhere are now seeing the realities of and economic doldrum that we did not nessesarily have to be this harsh, you hear laughter and more laughter.

    Why are we going to wait to see what Mr. Ingraham does? I thought the faith in the trust agenda eroded. He should do what we demand as I thought he was our servant. And speaking of servant…where is the bloddy opposition…they on summer recess too aye?

  12. This amazes me, and this government will get away with murder. How many more corrupt behavior has to go on for the Bahamian people to get a grip..like seriously?

  13. Hey Hey, if you have proof, evidence, I mean solid evidence or proof call names man. why the guessing game? If you aren’t sure don’t mention until you have it! This is a serious matter not a joke! He needs to be brought before the courts if this is true. Explanation is required.

  14. ..and man I tired of them getting away with foolishness. Call a name, give us a good hint or something.

  15. Man I tired of telling y’all this is nothing new. This new FNM government is just doing more of the same. Under the last FNM administration, a Minister who also sits in this Cabinet used his children and wifes maiden name to defraud the government out of money. Just more of the same. Trust agenda my a$$.

    Lets see what the almighty Hubert Alexander Ingraham does about this!

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