Cabinet Ministers campaigning while on the job in the Government Officers are risking staff with high traffic!


Emergency Powers to be extended to May 23rd, 2021 – We are headed to an early General Election…

Minister of Health in Parliament without his mask on while PM addresses Parliament on extending the Emergency Powers.

NASSAU| Some Cabinet Ministers inside the Minnis Government are using their Ministries constituency offices risking the lives of public officers with overcrowding.

Bahamas Press wonders what the BPSU and other unions have to say about these developments where crowds of persons are walking into Government officers requesting to see the Minister on constituency matters.

Readers should note MPs paid extra to maintain a constituency office. Shouldn’t Minister keep their branch offices open for that purpose? Why are constituents piling up in Ministries putting public officers at further risk of exposure to COVID-19?

Most public offices have rostered staff to ensure that the spaces in which they work are not overcrowded. Emergency Powers calls for such discretions in order to protect workers and the public from exposure of the deadly virus.

These Ministers who are supposed to set examples are campaigning on the job when they should be paying attention to their ministerial duties. Something has to be wrong with this breaking of COVID19 protocols by Cabinet Ministers.

PM Minnis told the country today in Parliament that this is no time to let your guard down, but yet, very close to him as he spoke in the House, sat his Health Minister with his mask under his chin. WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!