Cabinet Minister’s sister and restaurant owner left for hours on the island after displaying symptoms of COVID-19

Alice Town on lockdown

BIMINI| Health Official to send an emergency aircraft for Cabinet Minister’s sister who is suffering from high fever on Bimini…

A businesswoman and sister of a sitting Cabinet Minister is suffering from COVID-19 conditions tonight on Bimini and has been left stranded on that island after health officials failed to send an emergency aircraft from the capital.

Clinicians, we know, lack much-needed tests and protective equipment to deal with such a patient and the incident could become a danger and risk to health care providers.

BP is learning the woman reported to the Bimini clinic suffering from a high fever and serious flu-like conditions, along with trouble breathing, which corresponds to conditions symptomatic to that of COVID-19. She has yet to be examined or tested for the same.

We understand a respirator had to be brought in to the mainland from South Bimini to assist the victim while she awaits transport. The ailing female has a home with four adults and two kids who must now all be quarantined. Who will see that this is down? But yet yinner want shut BP down for speaking? WELL WHAT IS THIS?!

The woman had recently traveled to Florida some two weeks ago.

Just last week one of the largest resorts on the island abruptly closed its property and ordered all staff to leave within two days.

There is evidence now of community spread of the disease and officials are ordering residents around the country to remain indoors!

Just over the weekend, a Haitian National suspected to have symptoms of the virus broke out of a PHM room and fled the facility before testing. He is now in the community somewhere, mixing and mingling and perhaps spreading the virus.

PM Minnis addressed the nation Sunday evening, tightening lockdown orders and stressing the need for residents to STAY INDOORS!

Health officials have confirmed that we have some 14 cases of COVID19 in the country. EVERYONE MUST BE TESTED!

We report yinner decide!