CABLE BAHAMAS wants to sell cellular service but cannot keep ZNS on in the family islands…

Cable Bahamas head offices.
Cable Bahamas head offices.

Nassau, Bahamas — This week in the family islands there was a nightmare thanks to the Cable Bahamas service. ZNS went black and the people could not seem to stay connected with the capital.

In a short statement the Cable Company wrote: “Cable Bahamas Ltd advises that its cable TV subscribers on the Family Islands are currently experiencing an outage of service for ZNS (cable ch 11/211). This outage is due to an issue that the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) is currently experiencing with its “uplink” facility at the New Providence headquarters….”

What is indeed interesting in this is the fact that the Cable Company loves to boast about how it has its own service around the country and has the nation connected. But yet, every damn time there is a problem it is some other company’s fault why they cannot DELIVER!? Now isn’t that something!

Cable Bahamas wants a mobile license, yet, they cannot keep the TV on and the present landlines service is a bunch a crap!

We at BP hope the Christie Government is watching all this and consider another company the license for the mobile sector! Cable Bahamas HAS NO DAMN UNION TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE NOW UNDER THEIR WINGS!!!

We ga report yinner decide!