Cable share price drops by 10% TUESDAY in one day of trading! WHAT IS HAPPENING INSIDE ALIV DEM COMPANY?


Why is the value of Cable Stocks dropping?

Cable Bahamas head offices.

Nassau, Bahamas – Cable Bahamas is facing the fight of its life, we believe, and warnings only Bahamas Press gave more than one year ago are now being shown on the books.

For the first time in years the Cable Company, which is the parent company of Aliv, is not just losing customers, but just this week faced the biggest single day drop in share value ever.

Investors, you would remember, just before the holidays were not finding CBL’s sister company Aliv attractive and told those managing the holding company that it needed more time. But there’s a problem. The share price of CBL has gone from $5.60 (Monday, January 16th) to $5.05 (Tuesday, January 17th).

And readers should note that investors in the CBL were not issued any dividends last year due to the investments in mobile.

But now the stock value is sliding and things inside are getting rough as more attractive means of entertainment are being offered and mass disconnections and loss in revenue were experienced by Cable following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

We all know CBL has been having major problems finding new investments into its Aliv product and with the slow -almost stalled – sales of it mobile product, not even URCA could help dem now.

As we report yinner decide!