Call for a vote of Confidence /No Confidence in the Speaker!


A letter to the BP Editor

Speaker of the House Dr. Kendal Major

Dear Mr. Editor,

The results of the 2012 elections left the PLP leader with much soul searching as he had to form a government.

The selection of ministers after a landslide victory was the easy part, but i am sure much thought had to be given to the selection of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The members of Garden Hill and Nassau Village were selected with all and sundry keeping their fingers and toes crossed.Neither Speaker or Deputy had any parliamentary experience : The making for real disaster!

Very little respect was shown for either person over the last two and a half years. That brings us to the point that, to keep order, an adjournment has to be called.

Sir, I am of the view that a vote of confidence should be taken for both the Speaker and Deputy at this midway point. I am sure it must have crossed both their minds whether parliament is the place for them.

It seems to me that a safe, comfortable dental office or a cozy law office would be a better place. Being a servant of the people is not a easy task. The heart may be willing but the spirit is not concurring.

Parliamentarians: call for a vote of confidence in both Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the good of the nation.

Yours Truely,
Tony Ferguson