Can the bones of Grand Bahama live again? A City taken into captivity!


People on Grand Bahama on long lines in search for door. The city of Freeport is dying a painful death while leaders sit mum to the depression overtaking the island.

Jones Town, Eight Mile RockBahamas Press continues to witness the slow death of Grand Bahama and wonders when will someone rescue the dying community from the jaws of depression. Grand Bahama, and the City of Freeport, in particular, are lifeless; crawling on its belly like a half dead reptile in search for food. Sir Lynden once described the city as “Having no Soul”.

We all remember the disastrous Hurricanes of Frances and Jean, which began the slide into the state of depression, and today, following the win of the Free National Movement grip to power in ‘FNM Country’, the slide has gone from stable to serious.

Everywhere you turned on the island, there are the signs of growing abject poverty, rising unemployment and desolation. Christie’s PLP government had attempted to bring resurrection to Grand Bahama, but that dream did not last long under Hubert Ingraham. The Ginn anchor project on the island has run aground, many workers sent home, and the current WUTLESS government says not a word.

Hundreds upon hundreds are today unemployed in that community, and for the past three years have found Hope and TRUST only in the risen Lord. FNM Country is as if it has been cursed by the spell of a demoniac, who has taken control over the city. Five FNM MPs and one PLP represent the people on the northern island and none appear able to bring relief to the people of that community.

No MP from Grand Bahama has told the story of how people in West End, Eight Mile Rock, Lucaya, High Rock, Marco City and Pineridge have found chopped wood a blessing to food. NO one addresses how homes are in thick darkness because of no electricity supply, or how water supplies for many have long been shut off. Grand Bahama is suffering and this time it’s under the Free National Movement Government.

Information coming from the judiciary on that island tells us, caseloads for Tribunal matters are back up to the roof, and not one damn MP or member of the WUTLESS MEDIA WOULD TELL THE PUBLIC HOW A JUDGE HANDLING THOSE MATTERS REFUSES TO RULE ON A SINGLE CASE. Many labour disputes on the island go back as far as 2003 to the present; allowing employers to pack their bags and leave slaves fighting among themselves. WHERE IS JUSTICE FOR GRAND BAHAMIANS?

Let’s look at just a few of the business closures on Grand Bahama in the last few months:

• The Window Factory, open by Hubert Ingraham, but closed earlier this year under an FNM Government.

• Rick Hayward three Restaurants in Port Lucaya – Pussers English Pub all opened since 1988, but all three-closed Sept. 30 2010.

• La Dolsivata Italian Restaurant, opened for the past 10 years, closed its doors on Sept. 30th 2010.

• The East Restaurant opened for two years has closed its doors on Sept 30th 2010 under the FAILED FNM GOVERNMENT. We are advised some 130 TO 150 PERSONS WERE PUT OUT OF WORK and to date SOME 85 OF THEM HAVE STILL NOT BEEN PAID. THE WUTLESS MEDIA’S LIPS ARE HUSHED!

• The Stone Crab Restaurant a popular 5-star eatery located in the High Rock Constituency of Kenneth ‘Sunday Cadillac’ Russell has closed under the FNM.

• The Bowling Alley on GB is now closed under The FNM.

• The Native Hut Restaurant is now closed under The FNM.

• THE Home Center and Freeport Concrete both closed under the FNM WHERE MANY PERSONS WERE PUT OUT OF WORK and not a word said by the WUTLESS MEDIA.

• Papa Johns Pizza now closed under The FNM.

• McDonalds, ‘MICKY Ds’ is no more in Grand Bahama, closed under THE FNM.

• And the Great The Yamaha dealership ON West Settlers Way, is closed under Hubert Ingraham and The FNM.

WHERE IS THE VOICE FOR THE GRAND BAHAMIAN PEOPLE? Where is the deaf, and blind leadership of PAPA? Where is the promised Cabinet Miniter to look after Grand Bahama Affairs? And can anyone tell us where is the WUTLESS leadership in media who refuse to tell this story to the Bahamian people?

Bahamas please pray for Grand Bahama. Pray for the people of those communities. Pray that the ALMIGHTY Hand of the universe will remove from power every seated political leader on that island and that HE will restore the people of that community. His promised joy.

Bahamas please pray for CHANGE in Grand Bahama. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!



  1. @Charles and Lady how dare you people talk such rubbish. Grand Bahamians are not all like the way you say. It is not true that if you don’t come from a certain family or have certain amount of money that you don’t exist as Lady puts it. As far as I know wicked is not a ifestyle,not in Grand Bahama, I will agree with one thing that she wrote, the Port Authority and Government needs to do more. Charles is writing that Grand Bahamians are full with grudge and greed like he hasn’t seen anywhere in the Bahamas I wonder if he has been to all the isands to be able to make such a remark. Grand Bahamians are not to blame for what has happened there, 2 hurricanes the the reccession, and it all went down hill from there.

  2. yes BP, the people of grand bahama are their own worst enemy, they are filled with grudge and greed i have not seen in any island of the Bahamas. they are crooked and wicked, and always crying Oh lord, the christians will rob you blind even in the church…my my what a place. I wish I could leave here now and go back to the bush of andros and hunt crabs

  3. BP you forgot International distributors and Pegasus, or were they ever open?
    People in Grand Bahama just need to change their attitudes. I lived in Grand Bahama for a few years and I feel they need to get rid of that clique mode of survival – people at the bottom sphere of things have alot to offer, but how would anyone know? If you don’t come from a certain family and/or have a certain amount of $$$ you really don’t exist. The more qualified you are or you are able to do a good job (especially don’t let someone else notice that and compliment you) the more insecured they are. Needless to say, alot of wickness go on untouched. While you find stuff like that everywhere you go, it seems to be the lifestyle there. The government has done little if anything to help, but The Port Authority has to also share that blame, along with the fact that the people there are their own worse enemy. Those bones can live again, but 4 winds are needed to blow some things into perspective.

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