A cancer patient needs help to return to Eleuthera but cannot by new travel rules…


Dear BP,

A lady traveled to Nassau from Eleuthera on Friday, May 15th, 2020  on the mailboat so that she could receive treatment for Cancer.

The Ministry of Health made the necessary arrangements for this patient to travel to Nassau for treatment.

The Competent Authority announced new changes on Sunday, May 17th, which now requires passengers to have a COVID 19 card in order to travel between the allowed islands.

She received her treatments over the past few days and tried to obtain the said card.

Firstly, you can only apply for the card ONLINE and the site never came up until yesterday.

She has spoken with various persons, but nothing has been resolved.
It will take 5 working days for the card to be processed.  

She was scheduled to leave Nassau at 1pm today on the mailboat but as she doesn’t have the card. She has been advised that she is stuck here in Nassau until 29th May.

This lady wants to go home, as she is finished with her treatment, but can’t because of this rule put in place by The Competent Authority.

She was discharged from the Oncology Clinic on Tuesday, May 19th, and was advised that she need to return home ASAP because of her condition.

She feels that she is now at a higher risk by being in Nassau, as Eleuthera has NO RECORDED COVID 19 CASES.



A concerned relative.