Cabinet Minister chased out of Abaco this afternoon following the funeral…


ABACO| Residents of Abaco chased its Member of Parliament Darren Henfield as he left the burial service for the victims of the killer storm Hurricane Dorian.

The service comes after 8 months after the bodies were stored in trailers just in the back of the island’s clinic. Cai Mills was the first citizen who reported the trailer on the national stage, and we at BP widely broadcast his reports on our network.

Some 55 victims of Dorian were buried in Central Pines, Abaco this Friday after being delayed due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Their remains were said to be encased in white coffins and interred as the screams of some of their loved ones echoed in the distance.

Due to the government’s social distancing guidelines because of the novel coronavirus, many families were forced to watch from a distance. And displaced families, who still have not found their loved ones were not permitted to travel to Abaco to witness the burial. Perhaps a major memorial to bring closure for the relatives should also be held on Grand Bahama and New Providence sometime in the future.

Before the ecumenical service proceeded, several angry family members, many of whom wore shirts and held signs with the names and images of the loved ones, expressed their anger and disappointment.

“This is wrong and disrespectful at its highest level. No one wants their loved ones buried and they are not there,” one relative shouted.

Another told the government in a live broadcast that they were being treated like dogs.

We report yinner decide!

BE CAREFUL how you answer this question PM Minnis: Were the Death Certificates finally supplied to the families of those buried today?