Caring at Christmas: BTC donates to over 30 charities for the holidays!



Nassau, Bahamas – This Christmas, BTC will donate over $50,000.00 to more than 30 charities in The Bahamas as part of its annual holiday giving program. The donations go to diverse organizations to enable them to spread cheer during the holidays. Each year, BTC provides millions of dollars in support for numerous organizations nationwide.

Chief Executive Officer at BTC, Leon Williams said that “Yearly, BTC provides millions of dollars in support for organizations all over the country. This year has been phenomenal as BTC has sponsored key events including the IAAF/BTC World Relays and Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. We have also supported CARIFTA and provided athletic endorsements for four promising Bahamians: Arianna Vanderpool Wallace, Ramon Miller, Demetrius Pinder and Shaunae Miller. It is Christmas time and we know that there are those that cannot afford to purchase toys for their loved ones or provide a hot meal for their families. By providing $50,000 in charitable donations at Christmas time, we want to help spread hope.”

For the last several years, BTC has provided donations to the Great Commission Ministries, The Salvation Army and The Kiwanis Club of Nassau AM to assist with their daily efforts to provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need in the capital.

“The “Feed the Family” initiative has been going on for over four years, and we want to thank BTC for their sponsorship since the beginning. On Christmas Day, we go around to approximately fifty needy families and provide a full hot Christmas dinner which can feed up to 10 persons,” said Troy Demeritte, President of the Kiwanis Club of Nassau AM. BTC’s iVolunteer team works along with Kiwanis to prepare the meals and deliver the meals on Christmas day.

In Grand Bahama, The Beacon School for Autism, The Grand Bahama Home for the Aged and the Grand Bahama Outreach Ministries will receive donations.

L TO R: Christopher Hinsey (Senior Manager, Andros & Berry Island), Mr. Russell (Andros Children's Home), Patricia Walters (SVP), Leon Williams
L TO R: Christopher Hinsey (Senior Manager, Andros & Berry Island), Mr. Russell (Andros Children’s Home), Patricia Walters (SVP), Leon Williams

“We’ve had about 10,000 persons in the Outreach Ministries; many have risen above their challenges and are in college as a result of the program,” said Mr. Dudley Seide from the Outreach Ministries. “These kids depend on us, that’s what keeps the program going. This donation is a dream come true, I want to thank BTC for the good work that they are doing throughout the Bahamas. BTC has done it again.”

The Old Bight Mission Home, Northern Community Band, The Cancer Society and the Come Up Group in Cat Island will all receive donations. In Exuma, The Exuma Foundation, Barraterre Community Fire Service, the Exuma Cancer Society and the Rolleville Community Library which BTC recently adopted will also receive donations.

In the Southern Bahamas, BTC will provide funding to the Long Island Senior Citizen Home, the Cancer Society of Long Island, the Betsy Bay Social Club, Pirate’s Treasure Club and Abraham’s Bay Social Club from Mayaguana. In Crooked Island we will provide funding for the Sunshine Development Club and the Women in Ministry. The Inagua Boys Brigade will receive a $2,000.00 donation towards band equipment and Lovely Bay Primary School will receive a donation to assist with school repairs.

The South Andros Senior Citizens Home, The Cancer Society of Andros and the North Andros Children’s Home will receive a combined total of $7,500.00. The San Salvador Cancer Society and the Current Island Children’s Home in Eleuthera will also receive donations.

Christopher Hinsey, BTC Senior Manager for Andros said “It is so important that corporate Bahamas does its part to help those in need. All of the Andros organizations are truly grateful for the support that BTC has provided this year and is providing now at Christmas time.”

In Abaco, BTC will provide over $6,000.00 to the “Feed the Children” initiative spearheaded by island native Lovely Reckley, the Cooper’s Town Marching Band and the Abaco Key Club. Donations to the marching band will assist the group with much needed band equipment.

Additionally, as a part of its donations to the fight against breast cancer, BTC purchased 500 mops from Milo Butler Pink Mop initiative to assist with the cause. The residents in the South East Islands affected by Hurricane Joaquin will receive a mop through the Bahamas Red Cross.

BTC’s commitment to corporate social responsibility remains unmatched. Annually, the Company invest millions of dollars in sponsorships, donations and endorsements as it does its part to build a better Bahamas.

L TO R - Dudley Seide (GB Outreach Program), Leon Williams, Talbot Collie (VP, Northern Bahamas)
L TO R – Dudley Seide (GB Outreach Program), Leon Williams, Talbot Collie (VP, Northern Bahamas)