Carl Bethel is that Minister!



Carl Bethel, Minister of Education.

Bahamas Press remaining true to it’s word and true to our thousands of readers who depend on Bahamas Press to represent the truth by ‘keeping it real,’ the scoundrel who defrauded the Government of tax dollars is none other than Carl Bethel, minister of education!!! One of our most trusted advisors and consultants told Bahamas Press that it would be most difficult for our readers to solve the riddle of which minister defrauded the Government, because from the pictures complimenting the initial warning—it could have been all of them! But alas, in this case, Carl Bethel it is, National Insurance is the agency defrauded and a dead woman and her family are the ones who were victimized.

Carl Bethel was a senior and still is an senior partner in the law firm of Bethel, Moss & Co. Bethel originally articled and ‘cut his teeth,’ if you will, at the law office of Arlington Butler & Associates. That relationship soured because Bahamas Press has learned that among other serious things, Carl Bethel, was not turning in all of the funds received from clients on behalf of Butler & Associates. This time he has taken his ‘act’ to the big stage, where worker and Government have been ‘swung.’ Bahamas Press wishes to note that Bethel is still listed as the representative of the company in the 2008 telephone directory, whilst he serves in the Cabinet of the Bahamas.

The death of that company’s office secretary uncovered the crime when family members sought to receive benefits for the forty-three year deceased mother’s dependents. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the company, Bethel Moss & Co. had not paid National Insurance [NIB] ‘one copper’ despite the fact the employee had deductions taken out of her pay for NIB for over a decade. However Bahamas Press was told that Bethel did agree to pay or did pay for the funeral of the dead woman. Sounds like a form of bribery to Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press is beginning to wonder why the prime minister has not taken a closer look at those in his Cabinet such as Bethel, because he and his family are racking up quite a record of anti-social and deviant behavior. His son was the ‘friendly campus rapist’ at Queen’s College, his nephew at another school was, as they say, ‘servicing’ a teacher on a regular basis at his high school and now the minister himself committing fraud! From a societal point of view, it is scary to know that these kinds of things runs in one family. From a criminal point of view, the minister and his family is heading for the top—the only thing left now for him or his to do is to commit murder!

Some would say that if the prime minister is to start looking closer at his ministers, then he should start by taking a closer look at himself! That sounds like a plan to Bahamas Press.


  1. Thats exactly what they are Kim. You need to invest in bumper stickers that say that come next election. Thats what the lot of them are (minus a small few)a bunch of lying, tiefing, no good suckers!!

  2. Drama king plenty people still have faith in them. I see them as a bunch of wicked liars, thieves and suckers, that would take your eyes out if they had the chance.

  3. NO politician is to be trusted…’cept Marvin Pinder…..and he aint into politics no more.

  4. This picture with Carl is very funny. BP you guys have yall sh** together. He looks like a angel and a demon. This is so confusing. After reading this stories, I will not trust him as far as I can throw him.

  5. Tee hee, I think BP used an “appropriate” picture for this post. The man is holding a Bible in his hand and an invisible pitch fork in the other hand……

  6. Wow! I totally agree with you, we must not only read the bible we must apply its instructions in our lives. If we did this we would handle one another much better.

  7. Apology accepted.

    ps. I have no problem with reading the bible, but more must be done such as applying what is read to our daily lives. That is were some fall short.

  8. ….Morehands, I am in no way responding on behalf of BP, but I should say to you, whatever happens to the ship should be the Captain’s interest as he is ultimately responsible for that ship. Hope that is helpful.

  9. BP. Are you saying that it was Bethel’s specific job duty to deduct the NIB payment from each of the firm’s employee monthly wage and to write the check to NIB from the law firm to cover all employees’ payments? Or is your angle that although it is someone else’s job, because Carl Bethel is a partner in the firm he is ultimately responsible for the NIB blunder, along with the other partners?

    I just need clarification before I form an opinion and comment on the matter.

  10. It seems as though I misunderstood WOW! I regret I did not read everybody comments earlier. Now after reading what Out of Wacky had to say; I see where WOW! Was coming from. WOW! I was wrong; please accept my apology. Also, thanks Drama King for pointing out my error. I was wondering who in this difficult times would have a problem with reading the Bible, I am glad I was wrong about that.

  11. Monique I think you misunderstood WOW. He or she was referring the person’s comment who calls him or herself “Out of Wack”.

  12. Who really owns and writes this website? Because I am 100% positive that you have now gotten yourselves into a whole heap of trouble because you have not found out the true facts of this matter. I hope you are prepared to go to court, because you are gonna get sued!!!!!

  13. There is nothing “out of wack” about reading the bible. I am sorry if I stepped on someone’s toes when I said Minsister Bethel needs to read the Bible to help him and his family make good decisions. I feel this is something we all should be doing constantly.

  14. I like this picture with Carl Bethel, He holding on to the right book. If only he would sit down and read the words, then maybe he and his family would make better judgements.

  15. Out of Wack….did you say “ONE OF THE MOST HONEST, BY THE BOOK POLITICIANS”?????? Have you already forgotten how this man swept his son’s RAPE of a SCHOOL GIRL under the carpet???? What is so honest about that???? Why was his son not charged before the courts with Statutory Rape??? Or I guess in your head, the RAPE was not a documented FACT.

    Stop talking rubbish and stop worshiping these no good politicians!! Ya might as well worship the devil!!!

  16. It wasn’t worth the hype. I really was expecting something hot. This is probably the first time he is hearing this. The family didn’t say no to him paying for the funeral. Maybe their conscience would make them pay the money back to NIB.

  17. When BP said that they were going to reveal the minister i really thought that you had hardcore evidence showing some impropriety. All this is is hear say. Everyone knows that Carl Bethel is one of the most honest, by the book politicans in the parliament.

    Where are the documents linking bethel to this accusation? In the absence of that this story is nothing more than a nasty rumor.

  18. Politicians expect the workers of this country to live on whatever meager salary they are receiving, while they always give themselves comfortable raises-NOW THIS!!!

    The politicians in this town are a bunch of theiving liars!! The whole bunch of them are hogs!! From the best of them to the worst of them-pure hogs!!

    What amuses me is blind disciples of these theives!! Who justify anything that these pieces of crap do just for the sake of party loyalty!!

    Bunch of lying, theiving hogs these lousy politicians of the Bahamas!!!

  19. BP. You sure you got the facts on this?.. This story is off da chains. This is why he mussie been in hospital. His closet seems to be alive with fresh skeletons. I wonder whats next in there. This is a cryin shame for the former attorney general! Carl what ya gotta say man. I know you didn’t think the kitchen was gonna be dis hot. Might be time to get out now before ya conch get cracked!

  20. Its so early in their governance but this FNM administration is making everyone who voted for them REGRET it sorely.

    They are a disgrace!

  21. More of the same. I think it is time the country demands to know what the FNM’s definition of trust is! We need a recall election on this FNM government. They killing the poor, wiping out the mid-class, and doing all kind of dirt. There are few in their ranks who have not been touched by scandal, personal or otherwise.

  22. Man I am so shocked I cant even think of what to say!! He is definitely a dark horse in this drama. I didnt suspect him at all. He needs to be charged with something.

    First the drama with his son and now this. I hope he dont check himself into the hospital again. Seems like the FNM Cabinet Ministers like to go hide out there when they done do their dut.

  23. When BP say they are going to do something, they will do it. They are not like those other wutless media. By the way, where did y’all find the picture with him holding the Holy Bible?

    I had crossed him off my list of suspects, I thought it was one of the others. You really can not judge the book by the cover.

  24. what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is sick, disgusting and darn right dirty! He is not above the law. He needs his day in court and upon guilty, fined, and thrown into prison. An example needs to be made of him!

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