Carl Bethel Press should learn how to discuss RAPE at Queen’s College!


Carl Bethel Press should learn how to discuss RAPE at Queen’s College!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the mischief by the Minnis goons at Carl Bethel Press (CBP) which suggested something today to stoke political mischief and lies inside the PLP.

We know it is lies because, if you have followed the FNM of late, former Cabinet Ministers are saying the Minnis Government has no plan for the country! This is something we knew more than three years ago.

We want persons to know CARL BETHEL PRESS is Fake News! The operatives should focus on the collapse of the Free National Movement, and the failure of the leader to promote democracy within the Party. There is a looming threat of a snap election that will result a dangerous freefall for WUTLESS PM Hubert Minnis. And everyone in the country knows it!

With neither vision nor plan to revive the country from the economic slump it is now in, Carl Bethel Press should encourage Minnis to find a plan which will create jobs, attract investment and grow the economy of the Bahamas that is now suffering under WUTLESS LEADERSHIP to the tune of 50% unemployment!

The fallout by the failing Minnis Government will spell disaster for Bahamians if Minnis is not removed as LEADER OF THE FNM!

We join the PLP VICEROY Chester Cooper in cautioning Bahamians to beware of FAKE NEWS, LIES, and DEFLECTION! Do not be distracted! Many are hungry, unemployed, penniless and depressed, and yet the only thing Minnis and CARL BETHEL PRESS has to offer are more LIES! This is a sad.

We want Carl Bethel PRESS (CBP) to remember the coverup of RAPE down at Queen’s College. It looks like only BP has the files on this criminal incident which was swept under that big nasty dutty FNM RUG!

Don’t worry. We at BP have the files. WE ALWAYS HAD THE FILES and perhaps the time has now come to discuss RAPE deep inside the walls of Queen’s COLLEGE!

We report yinner decide!