Case with $7 Million stolen out of BEC begin and not one newspaper report it? WHY?


FNMs attempt to hide the guilty personalities in BEC THEFT!

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Nassau – Well friends the BPL trial where more than $7 million of yinner money, which was fleeced out of the Accounts Department at the elecricity company began in the courts this Wednesday.

BP just got information that the case was going on as no press carried the story nor were reminded that the case had commenced.

We call on da media of the Bahamas to get in the courtroom! Report what is being discussed with the $7million stolen out of the corporation.

Report how all the BPL employees in the middle of the theft were never charged!

Report how those signing and issuing the cheques were never brought to justice!

More than $7 million stolen and the case never reported no where by the press. Imagine dat!

We report yinner decide!