Caucasian male and two ladies of the night pulled over for having sex in Jeep


Nassau, Bahamas — Police in the country are finding it difficult to stem the growing levels of prostitution in the country due to the downturn in the Bahamian economy.

BP was called to the scene of a traffic stop around 4 AM this morning in the John F. Kennedy Drive area on Bethel Ave. near the Royal Bank of Canada where a police chase ended. As the Ford Expedition came to stop, three occupants exited the vehicle; two young women and a Caucasian male who was also the owner of the vehicle.

The occupants were are told were being chased by police after what appeared to be suspicious activity going on in the moving vehicle while travelling on JFK. By the time BP arrived at the scene, both women were still attempting to put on their clothes. As one exited the vehicle with only a belt lashed around her waist. The theresome were given a tongue-lashing from police and ordered to “find their way off the streets.”

The incident reminded us of a situation recently occurring to a guest staying at the Wyndham Hotel on Cable Beach. The visitor confirmed to police that following an evening of fun at the Atlantis casino he was followed by two “dangerously fashionable ladies” who pursued him out of the casino on Paradise Island and behind his taxi cab all the way to Cable Beach. “You know I left my wife in the hotel and yet all the way from Paradise Island those ladies followed me in their Honda Accord blowing their horn begging me to stop.”

The scene is nowadays no different at Arawak Cay’s Fish Fry where one frequent visitor to the popular hangout described it this way. “BP, there are more hoes on Arawak Cay these days than the law allows. They are operating in packs moving in gangs. You can buy them for dime-a-dozen, to share their undiscovered treasures of the flesh at any hour of the day.”

One former worker who has now resorted to the oldest profession known to mankind said, “I have not worked in seven months so what I am supposed to do? I have rent to pay and one child to look after. Nobody would help me, and therefore, I have no other choice. I have walked to interviews after interview and no one is hiring, I need a job and I must put food on the table.” Look what Papa has brought the country to.

The Sex economy is now on the rise in the Bahamas and continues to go unreported. And if you think this story was shocking wait until we give you the update out of South Africa at the World Cup. Oh the pleasures of carnal lusts and delights; Things that make you go, HMMMMMM!



  1. My electricity was off today…blame HI
    My internet was down today….HI in SA and I can’t even get online.
    It was cloudy all afternoon and I couldn’t go to the beach..meanwhile HI enjoying hesef in SA
    I didn’t get a raise this week..HI spending big bucks in SA.
    I can’t afford to go out to dinner tonight..but I bet HI eating in 5 star restaurant with Sol dem!
    Hubert A Ingraham, aka Papa you sir is to blame for everything wrong in my life and in this country!

  2. Examiner, it has always been the biggest and oldest profession in this country, but now it’s gone into turbo speed under HAI’s handling of our economy.

  3. BP, you mean to say that Ingraham has pauperized the Country so much that the oldest trade in the world is now the biggest business in the Bahamas. I cry shame on Hubert Mugabe Ingraham.

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