Chairman Collie on the Secret BPL Business Plan


Mr. Sidney Collie Chairman of the FNM
Mr. Sidney Collie
Chairman of the FNM

Nassau, Bahamas – Sidney Collie, Chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on ‘Delusional’ PLP Chairman Robert’s comments on the secret BPL business plan:

“Another failure of the PLP Government – another excuse by ‘Delusional’ PLP Chairman Roberts. It has become very predictable that every time the PLP Government is facing a major crisis in their failure as a government they have their party’s ‘delusional’ chairman issue a statement with inside information to the press. How about instead of giving him the secret business plan to fix BPL, the PLP Government let all Bahamians know how they are going to fix the failing power company by laying the plan on the table in Parliament.”

“The Bahamian people paid over $900,000 for the business plan and they are entitled and deserve to see the plan. They need to know what this government is going to do to keep the lights on. New Providence has seen constant blackouts over the past few weeks yet the PLP Government will not present the BPL business plan for Bahamians to evaluate, instead they send out ‘Delusional’ Roberts to say that they need time to fix it and everything will be fine. Yet, they have had four years to fix the electrical system and they have once again failed us.”

“We have seen it over and over again with the PLP Government having their delusional chairman make a statement on behalf of the Government – from Baha Mar to crime and now to BPL. It is time for the PLP Government to take ownership of their failures and not just send out their ‘Delusional’ PLP Chairman Roberts to speak for them – it definitely calls into question who is leading the PLP and this Government.”