Change is coming for North Eleuthera <<< BP backed Candidate 25-year-old Clay Sweeting!!!!

Clay Sweeting - PLP Candidate in North Eleuthra ratified

by tamrinswitch

Nassau, Bahamas – The PLP just had a meeting in Lower Bogue Eleuthera that may have given House Speaker Alvin Smith a new reason to consider retirement. It seems the line to kick Alvin’s [EXPLETIVE] in the upcoming elections is longer than anyone expected with at least four candidates vying for the chance. Having won by a mere few dozen votes in 2007, many see North Eleuthera as a winnable possibility.

Chrisfield Johnson ran for the party last time and hopes to get a do over. He may have a difficult time with the ascendancy of newcomer Clay Sweeting looking for the nod as well as the rabble rouser with the right last name, Dr. Lea Percentie. All are great possibilities with their own stories but the obvious stand out right now seems to be young Mr. Sweeting.
Lets get the obvious stuff out of the way.

Okay, for starters, he’s a white guy. But not just any white guy. He’s a young white guy. But not just a young white guy. He’s a young white Bahamian from Spanish Wells. Spanish Wells has been like the Holy Grail for the PLP in pursuit of a winner in the north. The FNM’s stronghold for so many years has been weakening with each elections and the excitement in some PLP circles seem to stem from the fact that this is the first time anyone can recall having the combination of a hometown boy, a Spanish Wells native, a minority candidate and a 20 something all packaged into one person. It doesn’t hurt that the guy also has a working brain and has been successful at everything he’s tried in his still young life.

Its hard to not fall for what we saw in North Eleuthra and this just makes Perry Christie’s job all the more harder in choosing his man for that area. Since we have no problems catching flack for what we write here, I may as well just come out and say that the PLP would be nuts to not consider Clay Sweeting for the nomination. The party is still riding high off of the success of Ryan Pinder’s narrow win in Elizabeth and are bouyed by the fact that Pinder quickly asserted himself as one of Christie’s most reliably effective House of Assembly members and a pretty good guy in his area.

There is little doubt, with Ryan’s roots going back to Spanish Wells and North Eleuthra that his success weighed heavily on Clay’s decision to throw his name in the hat so soon and with so much at stake. Perry Christie spoke about the “wave.” On Eleuthera, it seems to me that a wave has indeed broken out and surprisingly, the wave started all the way in New Providence with Ryan. The added pressure is likely to be something the party and its would be nominee won’t mind trading if the turn out at the “listening tour” is any indication. It was standing room only and a mix of black and white, young and old Bahamians all united with one goal in mind. Winning.

Perry and his crew had better not waste any time in picking this one because regardless of who they choose, and by that I mean Clay, Alvin is going home for good. Now where can I find me one of those “Clay Time” shirts?


  1. B P are you asking what the candidates did or the governments because there really is a vast difference.
    I was not reffering to B P in the comment about insulting candidates because I believe you are to professional to stoop to that level, it was a commentator who made the remarks

  2. I believe that I said young Clay is a very nice person and never said he did not qualifybecause if the lack of money stopped one from qualifying then we would not have many members getting in the house.
    B.P. I believe Terry Higgs got one contract 2002-2007 to fix a road on russell island but as far as I know I believe terry works for what he gets and I have never got one cent from either government.
    Also B P check with fisheries because the size of lobster for many years was 5 oz. until 1986 when the PLP put the size to 6 inches. then in 1994 Hubert put the length to 5.5 inches and that is where it is today as far as I know.
    It is not nice to talk about former candidates in a bad and insulting manner because at least they did try to do their part

    • WE never said anything bad about the former Candidates, we asked what has the FNM candidates do for Spanish Wells? We are still waiting.


  3. boy this watchful eye person sure can carry news wrong! lol. something was threwout for you to carry! by your statement! people can easily tell who you are. how do you know what young Mr. CLAY has? christfield Johnson has shown that he is NOT QUALIFIED to run this time AGAIN. you dont abandoned your people for months in Canada. why did christfield leave or get dumped by Hubert? remember he the same cristfield was huberts henchman back in 97. he worked all over the place for hubert in abaco, down south Eleuthera and in the southern bahamas. So tell Mr Johnson try and get a life and finish his house and stop free loading in a family members house. MY lord you should see the bus he drives!!!! what about all of that campaign money that he did,nt spend? chris is a failure!! and has proved it

  4. You would have to search diligently to find more B.S. than what is on this web page. The people of har. isl. and n. eleu. have been led to believe that young sweeting is one of the late great Jack Sweetings grandchildren and nothing can be further from the truth. I visit sp. wells and have met clay and he his a very nice person but does not have the finances to wage a campaign. the monies which have been flowing so far are coming from the ones who are going around with clay and once he is ratified that will soon dry up so the people in har. isl. will soon find out they have been duped.
    Russel can ask Chrisfield Johnson what happens to people who oppose Perry because chris has just found out what it feels like for perry to turn against you and that is only because chris was against perry at the last convention.
    Russel can also go to sp. wells and ask 50 people along the rd. what the P L P has done for sp. wells in the past 35 years . when H. A. I. took over he gave sp. wells new rds., water, a clinic and he made sp. wells a Port of entry with Cutoms what did PLP do?
    I have been told that Theo will be the candidate for n. eleu. and if that is so then the FNM will not have too much to worry about because he also is a young man who is loved by PLP& FNM alike and he has already proved to the people what he will do for them ever since he got on the coucil. He is also very inteligent and can hold his own with the best. he is also a peoples person and there will be many PLP S who will be voting for theo in the next election





    • No one from Clay’s campaign nor in this article has claimed that he is a grand child of Mr. Jack Sweeting,to do so would be foolish.
      To say Clay has no money therefore is not a good candidate must also exclude Theo a career civil servant from the race as well.
      And if you want to ask someone what the PLP has done you should start with Theo himself.
      Theo is a good candidate for the FNM because we all know Papa don’t like or trust FNM’s that’s why he surrounds himself with PLP’s.

  5. @Russell Johnson
    Is what you are doing called EVASIVE ACTION? Russell, I know you can do it (that is turn-in YOUR HOME WORK). I guess I’m proving to be more than enough for the great Russell Johnson. Someone remarked concerning your avoidance strategy “why doesn’t he answer your tough questions” to which i responded “it will require him to tell the truth, an inconvenient truth, and there will be hell from Gambier House if he does so”. Russell, I will take on any issue of your choosing AFTER YOU HAND-IN YOUR HOME WORK. You will get to set the parameters and frame the question your way, PLP style (bitterness in the language and an outright attack against the FNM as the basis of the question). I promise. Come on Russell move the discussion one step forward by giving real answers to the challenge questions. I know you’re up to the task …. please don’t disappoint. I am THE STORM!

  6. @storm
    Since you are one of those who wish to ascend to political prominence I will give you another assignment to bolster your credentials.Check on the many traffic lights that are malfunctioning throughout New Providence and report.You cannot gain credibility by merely attacking the opposition and not saying a word concerning the Govt.What empirical evidence do you have to present that the opposition representatives have not polled their constituents?Anyway enough digression,and after you report we will discuss your findings.Sweeting is the ideal representative for Briland so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. BP, I’m trying to fine out where in briland that the Hon. Speaker of the HOA, would open or put is headquaters this time around, because I see that Mr. Theo Neely the airport manager at north eleu international airport (NEIAP), already got his open here on briland but it’s in the same building that Mr. Smith used last time. The way to go Mr. Neely

  8. @ Rusell Johnson
    Since you are afraid to acknowledge the facts, I will demonstrate political courage for you. Watch and learn. “Papa” is absolutely wrong to proceed with the BTC sale in the way he has. Every FNM MP who goes into the parliament and stands to his/her feet, supposedly representing the people, but who has not held a poll within their respective constituencies to determine the position of the people factually is NOT WORTHY OF RE-ELETION. Likewise, every PLP MP who goes into the parliament and assumes a position of “AGAINST” should be roundly condemned because they have not polled their constituencies either. Now that’s middle of the road walking Russell. Can you do that?
    This is more about HONESTY and less about STRATEGY. You BLINKED FIRST, Russell, and therefore I had to show you how to put on your BIG BOYS PANTS AND SPEAK THE TRUTH (the truth and what is in your mind IS NEVER the same thing for die-hards like you and I have found that you are ALWAYS comfortable replacing the truth with your opinions, so I no longer ask you to speak your minds – you do understand). Now Russell, Turn in your HOMEWORK. You HAVE A WIDER AUDIENCE THAN ONE (ME) WATCHING, DO HONESTY PROUD MAN. I’M WAITING.

  9. @ Russell Johnson
    Russell, if you approach the challenge mentioned with that level of disdain for all things FNM, then you risk being set-aside (your views) from serious considerations. And this will discredit you to the point of irrelevance (most objective readers on sites/ listeners to talk shows say that repeatedly about party hacks). You will be the Calvin Farquharson of BP (I hope you don’t want to become that ..seriously). I encourage you to BE HONEST and SPEAK YOUR MIND. Raynard Rigby, Philip Galanos do so (PLP). Darren Cash and Branville McCartney do so (FNM).

    • @Storm
      Am still waiting for you to acknowledge my answer pertaining to the 5 FNMs who do not deserve to win their seats.No digression will suffice as the FNM is the Govt and must be vote put of office.The question pertaining to the PLP is irrelevant.You sound like the pundits who being afraid to attack PAPA would mention Christie in the same breath.

  10. @Russell Johnson
    The joke is on you because you are in a “headlock” on this one. “Help and hope is on the way” (pun intended)and it comes to you in the form of a simplier challenge (which still exposes you as one-sided, bias, PLP on nothing, etc, etc.). Rusell, name ONE CURRENT PLP MP WHO DOESN’T DERSERVE TO WIN IN 2012. Come on man, just one, uno, 1. Russell, this is your home work. Name one, uno, 1, PLP CANDIDATE WHO DOESN’T DESERVE TO UNSEAT (WIN) THE CURRENT FNM MP IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS. You are free to issue the same challenge to me. You probably never thought of politics in this way…. right (objectively). I’m waiting….. HOPE to hear from you soon (and no side-stepping and avoidance of issue talk please).

  11. steve cleare you been out of the bahamas for some years now so why in the word you have so much to say you dont have any say cause you cannot vote, the young people today are looking for young young people.

  12. @ Russell Johnson
    Your response is so typical. Put away the “PLP talking points” and step back – listen to yourself. YOU introduce into the discussion remarks made by Hubert Ingraham that go all the way back to the 1980s, then you say in the next breathe “no people who brings up past speakings will change the minds …” Come on man!! You so successfully argued against the point that you made earlier that you left me nothing more to do but applaud you. I have no favorite party or candidates (can you say that with a straight face). I can prove your bias in a New York minute. Russell Johnson take this challenge: Name 5 CURRENT PLP MPs who do not deserve to win again at the polls and state the reason WHY YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO WIN IN 2012. I known how to expose how irrational you die-hard PLP, FNM and NDP “blind followers” can be (I am not bringing this to my attention, I am bringing it to your attention). Hope to hear from you soon Mr. Johnson.

    • Storm@:I am laughing at you since you think you are intelligent by asking me to give 5 reasons why 5 PLPs should not win.Because you are so transparent in your political views I shall give you the names of 5 FNMs who do not deserve to win:Tommy T a failure in National Security:PAPA for stop,reviewing and cancelling contracts and completion of works:helicopter Deveaux for destroying the environment throughout the Bahamas:Neko Grant for not having the ability to keep traffic lights functioning and destroying business persons over the hill:Phenton Neymour for badly handling the water situation in Grand Cay.And just for extra juice every member of the Govt for not speaking up and allowing BTC to be sold despite cries from a majority of Bahamaians.

  13. for clarification. i live on briland. i can see and feel the change in the north. i,m not outside looking in! like some so called Brilanders! it is an embarrasment for Briland to have People like such to speak like that about fellow north eleutherians.

  14. just want to note ( steve cleare dont live on Briland! he does,nt speak for anyone on briland! he only speaks for himself! perry NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING! if you dont have any thing good to say! well dont say anything at all. steve you are the one who,s calling the people of spanish wells that name!

  15. @ Russell Johnson
    You can beg to differ all you want the evidence is there for all to see that Peter and Paul are alike. Christie promised retribution to anyone who dared to contest for the leadership position and Ingraham’s recommendation to Christie in parliament was “squash them, squash them”. I am an equal opportunity truth teller. On the race matter, please spare me the dramatics. The whites, Bahamian and foreign, all do well in this country and that without help from any political party. Again, the evidence is there to prove the point. Get off that party diet. It’s unhealthy for your political astuteness.

    • @storm No matter how you differ with my point of view the facts are there to show that Spanish Wells has benefitted greatly from a PLP Govt and no person who brings up past speakings will change the minds of Spanish Wells people.Hubert Ingraham when Chairman of the PLP said that the UBP must never ever be allowed to govern this country again,mmmppphhh.So get off your horse time changes conveniences.

  16. I beg to differ with you Storm as in my view PLPs have more to say than any other party in the Bahamas against their Leader without fear of retribution.Even Paul Moss a neophyte in the PLP was extended an olive branch after he stupidly opposed the party Leader but PAPA would still be hunting him to put plenty blows on him.No Leader worth his salt would dare try to oppress any dissenter and PAPA will be the last one to do so.PAPAs style of leadership is obsolete and only he and some of his diehard supporters think its still relevant.There is no comparison between the PLP and FNM and only a fool would even dare to show a resemblance.Young Sweeting is showing that he feels his race can get a better deal with a PLP Govt than with the present one that is bankrupt of ideas,oppressive,mean spirited and just absolutely callous to the Bahamian people.

  17. @ Lizzy
    Lizzy, unfortunately that is not how it works in local politics. Put down the book because the game is not played the way the rules are written. He is BAIT to attract young, educated, business-minded Bahamians who wouldn’t come within 100 feet of the PLP otherwise. He has merits and as an individual has accomplished much that is praise worthy. His candidacy is having the desired effect because we continue to practice primitive politics (we look past the party and commit ourselves to the person, who if elected commits himself/herself to the party). That is exactly why not one of the FNM MPs has dissented on the C&W issue (party loyalty). He is your man (proverbial sense) now but after election he will be the party’s man. You are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

  18. The PLP refered in many past elections to the Good people of spanish wells has a bunch of GodDam inbreds how could you Clay Sweeting stoop so low has to belittle your people the good people of Spanish well in such manner it befuddles me. You must not love your people. I know your elders are turning in their Graves. Are you Clay seeking attention or are you just a total idiot you do not see the play comming huh. I am a seriuos Brilander. For you Clay a fool and his money soon part trust me on this. a sorry young man Your people are no longer a proud people you disgraced them.

    Steve Cleare Brilander

    • Steve Cleare, sorry that you feel that way about young Mr. Clay man, but the reality is that clay’s elders are now rejoying that young Mr Clay had come forward and are able to have his ppl of Spanish Wells make a great change within his community, buddy Spanish Wells are now awaken, sorry Mr. Steve Cleare are you sure that you are a real brilander? It’s Clay Time and Spanish Wells and North Eleuthera are going with young Mr Clay Sweeting this time.

    • @steve:Get off your high horse and smell the coffee things have changed and persons who till think like you are a shrinking minority.Exposure to the outside world have produced persons like Sweeeting and even in Nassau caucasions now come over the hill on trucks to sell fishing products.Integration of the two races is moving swiftly and no relic like you will prevent this from continuing.

  19. I thought and was led to believe spanish wells had a better class but goes to show you how desprate Perry is These are the same people that the PLP party in past elestions refered to has a bunch of inbreds and spoilers. Well there are always some crazy white boys out there with money that will do anything to get attention. A disappointment and a BLACK eye to spanish wells community. Sleeping with the enemy.

  20. We The Young People Are Looking At The PLP To Be A “turned around people” The PLP Has Ryan Pinder Elizabeth Dion Smith Running For Kennedy And Now Clay Sweeting The PLP Is Finally Getting Young People Involved In The Future Of The Bahamas And For This We Are Looking Towards The PLP As Not Just The Party Of Old But The Party Trying To Uplift Youths Which The FNM Left Out In The Cold

    • @DB,
      You could have not side it no better, look at this for just one minute the FNM talking about young ppl but doing something diffrent, i.e
      1. Richard Lightbourn old head – north eleu
      2. Dr. Sands old head – elizaberth
      3. Rev. CB Moss old head – bain & grants town
      4. Larry Cartwright old head long Island
      5. Min. Key – old head abaco
      they msut think we fool

  21. way to Clay Sweeting – PLP you are doing the right sounded like everyone love thats a stept forward

    • youll make me laugh vote for that segillian boy they done trying to take over everything ya know plenty of them try takeover its like they all for themselves

  22. Fellow Bahamians, lets be kind to one another and allow all Bahamians the opportunity afforded to us. Good luck Mr. Sweeting and maybe, just maybe, the rest of us should shut-up. Sometimes we as Bahamians have too much negative issues that we push out towards each other. I believe if we love and support each other, we will be the best nation this side of the world. Have a blessed day all.

  23. Congratulations first to the party leader and the PLP for a move in the right direction. It is now high time that North Eleu do away with Mr. Smith after 15 years of non productivity, with the now new ray of hope on the arising with young Mr. Clay Sweeting, we here in North Eleuthera could only now acspect great things to come, Clay is just what North Eleuthera needs a young brite and successful businessman it’s just Clay Time! and Smithy Just got to go

  24. Excellent decision he is young, full of potential and most of all he has the finances to get things done, he will win this seat

  25. Excellent decision he is young, full of potential and most of all he has the finances to get things done. He will make a great MP for North Eleuthera and i am sure he will get the seat, the people of North Eleuthera will put this young man in trust me, he has what it takes to bring this seat in to the PLP, goodbye to alvin smith

  26. Hey everyone, the A in Abby stands for? Need I say more? I applaud the PLP for considering fresh, young blood as possible candidates in the very near General Elections. I pray this process continues as it would be proof that this party stands ready to take back the country from the FNM and its foreign counterparts.

  27. Abby, if all the voters going to the polls have your level of intelligence, then no wonder we are in the mess we are in. How old are you, 5, or is that stretching it?

  28. Is this the same Spaneeesh Wells fella who owns a penthouse at Atlantis? When will these dumb *** white folks realize that these politicians only after they money…How old is this man? What are his qualifications? DOes he know that if he has a Spanish wells accent that no one on the campaign trail or in the HOA will listen to a word he says..except to mimic him and make fun. Ask Robert Sweeting!

    • He was class valedictorian at Spanish Wells All Age School,completed two years of Law School, past the Bahamas real estate exam at age 19, owns 50% of a Bahamian made fishing boat, owns and operates the local ERA real estate office, has an investment in Atlantis,is the seated Chairman of the Spanish Wells Commoners Comity,an elected member of the Spanish Wells Town Council and recently opened a t shirt printing business.
      I suggest you learn more about politics before you comment, Robert Sweeting was from Abaco and a member of the FNM, unless you really meant that the FNM is the one’s who uses “dumb ass white folks”

      • creature thanks for the resume as it has pushed this young man further ahead in his quest to represent North Eleuthera.More than 75% of registered voters in the next Gen Elects will be between the ages of 18 and 35yrs.A coup is taking place and the ascension of Ryan Pinder now allows other talented BAHAMIANS to come to the fore with other ideas.The bridge to the future need to be nurtured now.

    • @Abby, lord you fool, if he has money, he shouldn’t need to thief like those that go in the HOA broke, I agree with Rick, are you five years old?.

  29. I applaud the PLP for ratifying a young candidate! North Eleuthra is FNM country though! Good luck to CLAY I wish you well but prepare to learn and take note during this election.
    Good luck

  30. BP – you are SPOT on with this political analysis. PLP should not only want to win in North Eleuthera but to do so by a large margin! This is going to be an uphill battle to win the government so NO BRAINER decisions like this should be made quickly. Put the man to work.

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