Chaos on the trip with the PM into Haiti forces the PM Dr. Hubert Minnis to cut his trip short


PM Minnis told Haitian President Frankie Campbell is from here [Haiti]…WHAT IS DIS?

Nassau – BP is learning a war between team Minnis and other factions of the Party has erupted in Haiti and we are being told the PM will cut his trip short and return to the capital on Monday evening.

We understand Minnis loyalist Frankie Campbell has hijacked Foreign Minister Daron Henfield’s job. Frankie is doing all the translation for the PM and setting up all the logistics for the PM. Henfield therefore is moving around ineffective at CARICOM. How embarrassing.

Meanwhile Peter Turnquest will be leaving the country on Tuesday morning for an international meeting which means someone else must act as PM.

PM Minnis does not trust that post with anyone else. He dragged Immigration Minister Brent Symonette on the Haiti trip last minute to make sure the plot does not thickens while he is out of the country.

Meanwhile, a group of angry FNMs organized by a mentally unstable individual is set to Occupy Parliament leading another set of impatient crazy FNMs to call of the toppling of the Minnis Regime! The Commissioner of Police must not allow anyone to not break glass on Bay Street. They must not be granted permission to do anything on Bay Street.

We report yinner decide!


  1. You may write crap, but we don’t have to believe it…tearing this government down is tearing the country down sir/madam…let’s lay aside those nasty weights that divides us and build this nation of ours…One people united in love and service !!!!

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