Charles Carter pays tribute to Jeff Scavella



Jeff Scavella – The Voice of Bahamian Radio

Click to Listen: tribute-to-jeff-scavella-2-1.mp3

Bahamas Press salute a great broadcaster, a VETERAN BROADCASTER, Jeff Scavella. Jeff died last Monday in his sleep. listen in as Charles Carter of 102.9FM honour the broadcaster on his ‘These are Bahamians’ show. GREAT WORK CHARLES!


  1. I really enjoyed your audio feature on Jeff Scavella which was actually featured on my radio show.

    In Barbados we lost Terry mayers-a veteran radio and tv personality at age 40 who will be buried May 23rd,2008. He died following an asthmna attack on May 14th, 2008 . So we send our prayers to the Scavella and Mayers families in the Bahamas and Barbados. Thanks again Charles Carter.

  2. Dear Charles,

    I really enjoyed your dedication to the memory of Jeff Scavella. Although I had never met the man or listened to his show, the music you played made me feel that I somehow knew him.

    Moreover, that was the very first broadcast I had ever heard you make. It was excellent!

    All the best,


  3. My favourite radio show during the 1970’s was “Out Island You Asked For It”, hosted by Jeff Scavella. There was a song by Otis Redding Jeff loved to play called “Good To Me.” For some reason once was never enough and Jeff had a pre-recorded track of himself saying “INSTANT REPLAY, INSTANT REPLAY, INSTANT REPLAY”. He would always use this track when he played “Good To Me” and I grew to love that song. Hearing that song twice back-to-back still wasn’t enough and it became one of my favourite Otis Redding songs.

    I met Jeff after his first stint in radio broadcasting. This was in the 1990’s when he worked in the petroleum industry as a service station manager. At that point in his life he was deeply spiritual and philosophical and I learned a great deal from him. We studied the scriptures together for several years and gradually drifted apart.

    He is a cultural icon and did set the standard for DJ’s in the Bahamas. He was a natural for media and his talents will be sorely missed.


  4. I really appreciate this. I don’t know how old you are but I remember Jeff’s shows and they were awesome…I wish I could hear a recording of one now….

  5. I was sadden to hear of the death of Jeff Scavella. I remember the early days when he began at ZNS back in the sixties. Jeff and Edgar Williams and I were students at Bahamas Academy and so our relationship predated his ZNS Days.

    Jeff was the kind of guy that I admired. Farewell my friend.

    Alfred Sturrup
    Phoenix AZ.

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