Chevron Texaco Bahamas sold with the blessing of the FNM Government to a Foreign Group


Nassau, Bahamas – Sources tell us another opportunity to empower Bahamians and enrich locals was blocked in the country once again. The ‘outgoing’ FNM government, which prides in its slogan: “Bahamians Need NOT APPLY”, rejected a group of Bahamians seeking the purchase Chevron ‘TEXACO’ Bahamas.

Readers remember how the Ingraham government blocked Bahamians from setting up cable TV and purchase BTC. BP can now confirm the Cabinet of the Bahamas recently approved the sale of Chevron Bahamas to a French based company.

Sources close to the secret sale deep in the offices of Higgs and Johnson tell us, the Ingraham Government has rejected all Bahamian groups seeking the rights to the purchasing opportunity of Chevron Bahamas, and agreed to allow the sale to proceed to another foreign group.

The new company buying out Chevron is Caribbean Fuel Company Ltd, which took possession of all Texaco assets in the country last month.

Bahamas Press understands two Bahamian groups had placed bids for the sale, but could not get the foreign friendly Ingraham government on board to agree to any purchase. Sources in the firm noted, “The Bahamians need not apply policy is again true in this case, and once more the idea to drive an ownership opportunity to Bahamians has been blocked by its own Government.”

Unlike the Christie administration, which pressured Shell to sell its operations to Bahamians, one source deep in the OPM tells us, the Ingraham government out rightly refused to entertain Bahamians during the sale, but quickly moved to support the acquisition with the new French based operator.

Gasoline operators at Texaco are now being directed by its new owners, who we are told, are well on the way to change the operation model here in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, the Bahamian groups bidding for the operations are again left outside the door like a horse locked outside the barn.

‘Bahamians Need NOT APPLY’ is the mantra of the FNM.



  1. I with “Concerned Bahamian”..yes they have put some english MP’s in jail for fraud…we have plenty who are lining their own pockets..from all 3 parties…Have they ever been punished?
    Als he is right when he says that most countries that are moving forward have lots of foreign investors…. they are welcomed.Here we have our heads in the sand and think that we do not need them..How we gonna go it alone in the future ..tell me that…if the investors don come here they will go to Mexico or Dominoican Republic or such like..they will be welcome there.
    We need investment whether it is Bahamian ,American,ChineseIndian..IT DOES NOT MATTER where they are from..

  2. Good Afternoon to all !

    “@ concerned Bahamian” …. It is understood that this is a medium to view our opinions and thoughts but let US as BAHAMIANS respect one another and what they might have achieved in their time. Whether it’s Mr. Pindling, Mr. Ingraham and/or Mr. Christie we need to respect US Bahamians. **** *** **** – is the mindset in which we, as a nation need to elevate from.

  3. Concerned Bahamian is a jackass: “wish the english was still in charge”? Concerned Bahamian must not read, or follow British politics to see the level of corruption that surpasses even our own:

    1) Scores of British MPs have gone to jail for defrauding the parliamentary expenses account.
    2) They let the terrorist go who blew up the Pan Am flight in exchange for a billion dollar oil concession in Libya.

    Concerned Bahamian should carry his ass to Mother England..the flight leaves at 10:00 pm tonight.

  4. There is a painfully simple explanation: foreign entities are less likely to “spill the beans”, and their principals reside beyond the jurisdiction or reach of any future Commissions of Enquiry. A Bahamian who pays for favours might tell his wife (or sweetheart). Sir Lynden did some things but he was loyal to the idea of “Bahamians first”. This corrupt creep that we are saddled with, has no such loyalty or beliefs. His is a twisted and perverse view of the world shaped in part by some of his foreign donors (although they live here) who are Republican Tea Party supporters. Bahamians need to be wise, and watch Hubert Ingaham closely…very closely

  5. if this article is correct we the citizens of the Bahamas should not be suprised by the actions of this FNM government .when you have leaders who don’t have faith in it’s own people the entire country fails and we all see whats going on now in this town and all over our Bahama land,where is the oppunity for us the native in pituclar BLACK bahamian God save our Bahama land.

  6. It really doesn’t matter who owns what from which country. What matters is that operations are done right. The reason our country is so behind is because we have mostly bahamians are in charge. Every major economic country has loads of international investors and owners. Name me one country that isn’t third world that doesn’t allow foreign investors. Exactly. Sometimes I wish the English was still in charge full force. F**k you ping!!!

  7. Well…..All we have to do as consumers is boycott Texaco altogeher…..Any locations owned by Bahamains should consider swithcing products and rebrand their stations..As consumers we can tell Ingraham alot ……He will no longer dictate to the masses!

  8. I was told some 12 months ago that HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM sent a message to FOCOL(owners of Shell)to DESIST/REFRAIN/NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO BID ON TEXACO’S operation.Mr.Ingraham believes that Bahamians are only to be LOW WAGE EMPLOYEES AND NEVER TO ASPIRE TO BECOME OWNERS OF ANY BIG BUSINESS!!!

    • When did FOCOL get to be in the category of “LOW WAGE EMPLOYEES “?
      FOCOL(and its owners) are just as bad as any group of greedy capitalists. What we really need is good strong antitrust legislation to prevent the strong and greedy from gobbling up or forcing the small entrepreneur out of business!
      There ought never to be in a country as small as ours, the shadow or scent of monopoly of ANYTHING.

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