'CHILD SEX SLAVES' in The Bahamas according to former Social Worker



Click to Listen to ZNS TV exlusive report with COP Ferguson tonight

Nassau, Bahamas – Well there you have it folks, the Commissioner of Police came back yesterday and reported no molestation ever took place on a 5 month old baby girl. He noted that this was following an official  autopsy report. Can someone please tell us how did police, if they do real investigations, circulated that the child was molested? What caused them to come to their earlier conclusion? This is incredible!

Justice Jon Isaacs on last week told us how officers are good at coercing witnesses and tampering evidence. Here is another example of their WUTLESSNESS. They are now circulating false messages to members of the public! All we say at Bahamas Press is this, here we go again with the world famous Gestapo police.

But as we said before, whether it is a 5 month old, a 5 year-old, the children of Eight Mile ROCK HIGH (where Carl Bethel’s ministry also told the media through ZNS, “…there was no case…”), the 11 year-old girl from the North Andros High School, or the 13 year old girl who was raped at the once prestigious Queen’s College, SEXUAL CRIMES committed on children are SERIOUS CRIMES!birbal

Where is the outrage?  There is none. To prove how WUTLESS this town is, the same anger for the 5 month old  could not be felt for those innocent boys at the Eight Mile Rock High School! Rage did not come from the MP for the constituency. To this day Andre Birbal is still not in the Bahamas, and we’ve learned that the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has yet to formally pass the paperwork onto the Americans for his extradition. WHAT A SHAME! THIS IS A SERIOUS INDICTMENT NOW ON THIS WUTLESS INGRAHAM Administration!

However, Bahamas Press does its homework and we have caught up with a former social worker from the Department of Social Service. She told us how there are many incidents like the one of the 5 month old baby, that never get reported.

Lynette Bridgewater [false name used] told Bahamas Press, “It is incredible what is happening in this country involving the rape of little children. I have seen it all and trust me, I had to resign from the department because of the gruesome cases being reported on a daily basis.

sick-baby1“I have seen enough to make me not even want to eat for days. It’s worse than a horror movie. What I have seen done to children in the Bahamas is so wrong.”

Turning her attention to cases in the department, Bridgewater said she never thought incidents  of  ‘child sex slavery’ was being practiced in The Bahamas.

“People think that India and Cambodia are the only places for child sex slaves, but in this country, some children are sold for $8 by their mothers wanting to get drugs. There are also mothers trading their daughters for fridges, cars, stoves and money right here in the Bahamas, and I believe this is getting worse because of recession.

“The worse sex slave instance I’ve seen was a police bust, which took place at a house out east in Nassau, where a 6 year-old was chained naked in a room with horrendous damage.

“One of the worst cases I’ve seen was a two month old baby who had been drinking semen after his father, who would intentionally starve him and then give him his private. We at the social service department had documented evidence where in this case, the mother walked in on one such incident when she had to come home unexpectedly. It might not seem like a lot to a woman who engages in oral sex, but to a child? This is demonic!” Bridgewater said.

Almost on a daily basis she recalls these and scores of complaint were being investigated in the department, yet the system she added, appeared too weak to handle the many caseloads.

Another disturbing case was that of an eleven year old, who received lunch money by sleeping with her father. “She also had to sleep with one of his friends in order to receive some other things like books and supplies,” Bridgewater said.

“The victim in this case did even more in order to could protect her molester from from raping her toddler sister. Luckily she reported this to several persons. The child’s mother was out of the picture.”

The former social worker also added, “One of the early cases I saw was a 4 year-old who was raped by her uncle and contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The child’s private parts had been split from her vagina to her anus and she spent a significant amount of time in diapers and had to learn to walk properly again. After the uncle was released from police, he attached the same child for reporting the matter and she was damaged so badly she ended up with a hysterectomy. These incidents occur in the Bahamas almost everyday, yet this is all hidden for the ear of the public!”

There was also a case where a two year-old girl was raped by a 5 year-old boy, according to Bridgewater. “The mother of the girl heard rumors that this little boy was going around the neighbourhood getting fresh with the girls and trying to get them to do things. That mother, who ignored the rumors, and left her daughter in the home unattended to run an errand. When she returned home she came back home to find blood in the little girl’s underwear. Another child playing with them told of what happened. This proves that when a community sits silent it doesn’t matter until an incident falls on your doorstep,” she said.

Bahamas Press has learned that many cases are today continue to stalled in the courts. And many more are still collecting dust on the department’s shelves. Clearly, this is a sign that the CHILDREN OF THE BAHAMAS ARE NOT GETTING JUSTICE IN OUR SYSTEM!

Another vulnerable child was molested well into her teens by several members of her family, Bridgewater continued. “She was adopted and therefore the male members of the family claimed it wasn’t incest when the matter was being investigated. The young girl became highly promiscuous as a result of her molestations. She told us when she reported the matter how her body didn’t feel normal if it went without sex for more than two days at a time. This, according to her, is what she was used to. To keep her quiet they [male family members] spoiled her, and the adoptive parents did nothing and acted as if nothing happened,” she told Bahamas Press.

“In Another case, which blew my heart apart, was with a child who was groomed into having sex. She reported how he further violated her with kiss her, and then forced oral sex upon her. The molestations began at age seven. The girl told us when her mother wasn’t home, the stepfather would coerce her to bathe with him and that would lead to him pleasure himself with the girl. Uncomfortable, the child noted that her stepfather acted as if it was a game. She told us he made it a secret game and caution her that no needed to know. It wasn’t until she got in junior school she realized what was happening.”

Bridgewater advises that parents must be proactive with their children by teaching them good and bad touches. We at Bahamas Press again are sadden to hear all this. And we know the taboo in this country has found its ways into public. Reginald Ferguson, The WUTLESS MEDIA and those with minds like Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel must know that the times have CHANGED! They cannot spin news anymore, for the truth will come out for sure!



  1. @Trinity

    We shower Birbal with nothing more than pure kindness and he turned around and stabbed our nation deep in the throat; the wound that he has inflicted upon us have left a very ugly scar that would take a lifetime to heal or may never heal. We would never be able to erase what that sick bastard with a twisted mind did. If our government don’t see the need to bring him back here to answer to his despicable crimes, it can be very detrimental to them in the next election. I doubt any parent who love their children would want to see them back in power, because the way they decide to handle this particular situation can send a message that they do not care about the children of this country.

  2. BP, what’s the latest on the Birbal extradition? I read an article about a week ago that stated that there was only about two or three weeks left to have made all the appeals necessary to have him brought back to the Bahamas. It occurred to me today that this story has dropped from the headlines, although the mainstream media never made enough fuss to begin with. I think because I haven’t heard any updates that the process is grinding to a halt. I find this extremely unnerving. If the Bahamas government allows this man to just walk away, I doubt that he will ever be caught, and will never be punished for his crimes. We have to do better than this. This is a total disgrace. I know that there is protocol to follow, but I think more than anything this is an issue that no one wants to deal with. Are there any recent updates that I may have missed?

  3. does the bahamas need to become like china limiting babies per family? Parents need to be held more accountable for there children. Parents need to see the signs and talk to there children and really educate them on these situations. STOP hiding the bad things that goes on in the bahamas. Let them know about good and evil becasue evil do exsists and love ones uncles,aunts, cousins can all be preditors.

  4. @kevin mckenzie
    Kevin, listen the COP Ferguson don’t know the difference from Crime and investigation. Of course he is senile and has a pinch of dementia.

    Bahamas Press


  6. OK here we go again.. HI, the master of DECEPTION…. His goons pee on the public and are now trying to tell them it was raining!!!

    This all started with HI, in 2007 during the campaign mounting the stage after the police had voted and proclaiming that 7 out of every 10 police officers voted for the FNM. Next the then COP was NOT allowed to severely punish those officers who disobeyed his order not to wear their “RED SHIRTS” at the polls… Then the police started beating and shooting people for fun (it seems) and the govt seem unable to control them… The FNM govt then went on a “RESTRUCTURING EXERCISE” according to them, to make the Police Force better by firing just about every PLP and a few FNMs (according to Tommy T) who held top posts on the force… Now we can see just how much better the force really is..

    There are officers now making public statements on issues before investigations have been done and won’t even apoligize!! I am NOT surprised to see this happen because they are just following their leader who made all sorts of UNTRUE statements during the election campaign and NEVER apologized for any!!

  7. BP I know I told you before and I really mean it. I appreciate having a media website to come to learn about what is going on around this country. Some of the things you mention in this article were very disturbing, but these are things I never know people were doing. BP you are making people wise and you are preparing us to deal with so many challenges that we face in this country; you are not like those other wutless media in the country that continues to hide things from us. Thanks you so much for always taking on very important issues.

  8. If this case of the alleged molested 5 month infant is an indication of how the police conduct their investigations then i now understand why so many alleged criminals win cases in court.This also reveals that the prime minister WAS DEAD WRONG to forced into early retirement so much experienced and capable officers earlier this year.There is now few officers who can teach and train the junior officers the proper procedules,laws and questions to follow and ask during an investigation.I hope Bahamians read todays newspaper and saw where the court issued a restraining order against the COMMISSIONER OF POLICE AND THE MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY.This is a serious indictment on our government!!!Bahamians often say that mr.Hubert Alexander Ingraham is a decisive man or do they really mean IMPULSIVE?

  9. I know in my heart that baby was molested. I cry shame on the police for trying to recant stories. Where is justice in this country for children?

  10. Finally,who authorise the release of the press statement from the police to the media and public?This is a good question MeKenzie as the Police have had a bad two weeks and needed something to deflect the criticism.This case leaves more questions than answers and shows that the COP is out of his league.Where is Hulan Hanna?suddenly he has vanished and might realise that the ship of Reggie is definitely sinking.Something happened with that baby of a sexual nature and no one is answering.A circus is the best description in describing the Police.Everything is out of sync and in order for the curse to be broken it appears the COP needs to resign.Only a fool would recommend that all the experience around him retire and that is just what the COP has done now he has no one to turn to.HAI is mad as hell but for public appearance he is putting up a good front stalling for time.After the appeal by the AG office the COP is a goner and HAI will claim he is ac ting on the advice of the Courts in asking the COP to resign.Blood is in the water and the sharks have moved in.The COP recognises this thus suddenly he has the media all over Police HQ interviewing him.Too little,too late.

  11. After reading & hearing about this precious 5mth. old baby…I can’t say that it is untrue just because all of a sudden the ‘autopsy’ apparently revealed it as such. Even those things can be ‘bought’ to say what or whoever in ‘power’ wants it to say. Also, yes, it is possible the police who reported this could have been mistaken. But, remember, where there is smoke there is certainly fire. Something bad happened to that baby and she died as a result. A 5 MONTH OLD BABY!!! that in itself is enough for us to scream out in horror!! Then look at the other precious babies and children in our ‘GODLY’ society suffering the same or worse. Mind, God is still the same God. We as a people MUST stand up and be relentless until it is changed….these our our children. They have NO one to defend them but US. When we answer to God, What will YOU say? Imagine if this was your little daughter, little son, little sister or brother? Who? Who will save these God angels and protect them? Where is the Government for the people?

  12. If I don’t have to go into PMH for some emergency, I would never go. They spend too much time gossiping instead of trying to do their jobs properly and I don’t want nobody diagnosing me with no foolishness what I don’t have. Every time you get there you could always find a hospital staff standing around gossiping about what they did the night before or there plans for the weekend, while a room full of patient who have been there a whole working day can’t even see a doctor. The doctors walking around in slow motion as if they are doing somebody a favour. See, I can’t deal with that.

  13. BP i am soo bug after reading this post. Doesnt the RBPF have a sexual crimes unit? there needs to be a national campaign against sexual crimes.

  14. Maybe the hype was a way of deflecting from the big story of last week. It is sad to think in this way, but, to underestimate the desire of the RBPF to get the dead teenager out of the spotlight, may have been a motive. Who knows? We can’t even trust the police. I read a story yesterday about a woman who claimed that she was brutally beaten by the police in front of her kids. Some kind of internal investigation should be conducted because too many mishaps are occurring. This is indeed cause for concern.

  15. Whoever said that Bahamians don’t have wild imagination, they lie. Some of our own people like gossiping so much until they would even create their own stories. It was really amazing to see how many stories developed from what actually happened. People really need to spread the facts and stop adding more to the story. We cannot blame this one on any media outlet for reporting this story, when it was the police and medical profession who screwed up big time, they were the ones who examine the baby and did the investigation and who told us what had occurred. They are the ones we rely on for accurate information. It was them who sensationalize this story and got all the public outraged and got all the rumour mill started, before checking all the facts.

  16. @Joe Blow
    All I say is hit the nail on the head. Don’t miss or pass it. Ingraham’s decision to appoint COP Reginald Ferguson is a BAD BAD ONE!


  17. Do not shoot the messenger because he holds you to the highest of standards. If I had no regard for this site I would not attend to it. But I do expect you to do your due diligence when it comes to reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I applaud you for insisting on change when change is what we so desperatly need in our fast decaying society. You must be accountable at all times because of the position you have taken as Administrator to this site. You cannot allow yourself the luxury of bringing in any personal biases you have. Hard to do I know! But that is the nature of your choice.
    I totally agree that someone in the Police Force must be held accountable and exposed for their recklessness in commenting on this story without first making certain the facts were correctly assessed. In their defence however, of late, we have, by exposing so much corruption and wrongdoing in that entity, put them on the defensive. My original comment about Gossip, was not directed at the Police or indeed this site but to some who attend here who do so like gossip that they will take and twist a story without any regard for the truth. eg. putting the blame on the father , grandfather, a ten year old child. Peace be with you!

  18. @Joe Blow
    And the truth we deliver. If you do remember JOE, we broke the story of Birbal’s escape out of the country. And we broke the story of his capture in New York. BP and NO ONE ELSE!

    This molestation of the 5 month old was circulated by the police to the press, NOT US! We simply reported what was being circulated. But here in this post you have more incidents listed here by a former social worker. Why is the police so hushed about these? They spew lies and are hushed on truth? Is that how you now describe Ingraham Gestapo police Joe? They are deceptive spin makers?

    Did you hear anyone arrested with the Child who was chained in the eastern end of the island?

    The police reports something and you call it GOSSIP? Is that an endorsement for BP? Speak up Joe, SPEAKUP!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. Media: Where in my comment was there any political reference? The very questions that Kevin McKenzie poses are the one’s you should have sought to answer before you published your first article on the subject. Sensationalism must be your middle name. As to your being one of “we the people” who see only black and white, you are sadly mistaken. You have a long way to go before you can make any judgements as to what I know or don’t know. Do not weep: do not wax indignant. Understand. Seek the truth before you try to influence the mind of others.

  20. It was absolutely NOT GOSSIP and Bahamas Press thank you for pointing that out to Joe Blow.The police informed the media,the public and indeed the prime minister that this baby was molested and died from the sexual truama.Now the police have the whole Bahamas wondering if they conduct investigatons or just take the word/s of anyone that has some authority.I am now awaiting the PATHOLOGY RESULT,this should tell us if any sperm or seminal fluid was found on or in any part of that infant’s body.The autopsy will only tell us the cause of death.I will also request that mr.Reginald Ferguson also answer the following questions-1-Who called the police about this alleged molestation?2-If it was an intern did the police asked for the expert opinion of the senior doctor on duty?3-Why did the police not referred their questions and investigation to the senior doctor which is STANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDULES?4-What was the rank and years of experience by the officers who went to the hospital to conduct this investigation?5-Who authorise the release of this information to the police?6-Did the police requested the medical file of the infant?7-Did the police had a senior, well experience doctor review the medical file?8-Did the police had a GYN/OB examined the condition of the infant’s body?9-If so what was the opinion of the GYN/OB?10-Did the police conduct a thorough investigation before informing the public?11-Finally,who authorise the release of the press statement from the police to the media and public?

  21. @Joe Blow
    No No you cannot call it Gossip Joe, the Royal Gestapo Police force and “experts” at the hospital said it was so. Now who will believe that retraction?

    NOT US! Just look at these cases in this report from a social worker and you see this is common, but unspoken taboo in the Bahamas.

    See Joe this proves, you don’t know the difference between, News, FACT, GOSSIP, Hubert’s Diatribe, LIES, Spin and deception. And you never will, because your looking through your political shades as usual. We the people see things in BLACK and WHITE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  22. It is the duty of every person to report any child molestation to the Police even if it is a suspicion. The police could not physically examine the baby and so had to rely on the intern’s examination. The family denies any molestation and acknowledges that the child was hospitalized the previous week for respiratory problems. Now the coroner’s report allegedly says that the suspected damage to the genital area was a severe case of diaper rash and there was no sign of molestation. The public took this story and ran with it, aided and abeted by reports in the media outlets and the natural propensity of some persons who seem to thrive on gossip and cannot wait for the truth to reveal itself. Sensationalism is as dangerous as burying one’s head in the sand. If the above captioned story is true, we have serious problems that must have a long history in this country. I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where everyone is always safe.

  23. Now we want you members of the public to intently listen to Reginald Ferguson comments on this. They reported that the child died because of molestation. The COP said their report on Sunday was made due to advise given by experts.

    We at BP ask the question, do police do their own investigations anymore? Or do they just make statements based on what people tell them? Hmmmmmm!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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