Christie Government is appearing to have no standards or values in public life for youths to follow! – NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!


Why are the men caught sexing in the Minister’s Office not punished for breaching a minister’s office – this is not going to end well for the PLP REGIME!!!

Why is PLP GOVERNMENT losing support by the day? Just read this story.

Yinner think they head good? To now VICTIMIZE people in the Church?

Nassau, Bahamas — Members of the Church of God Church in the Bahamas are now furious following what can only be described as Victimization and Raw Naked abuse by the Christie Regime following a dangerous turn of events in a public ministry.

Bahamas Press reported how two known ‘pooftas’ breached the office of a senior government minister and openly, nakedly exposed themselves in nasty toe touching exercises.

We can report the incident between a male consultant and another contract male worker has inflamed decent government employees who say they have never seen the level of standards in government reduced to such unconscionable levels in all their years in the service.

One senior government official, after collecting information on the news, told BP, “What is so despicable about this is that, after being caught in the room naked by the Permanent Secretary, nothing has been done with both employees. The present administration clearly does not see this breach in any light of contempt or disregard for standards when serving on behalf of the public. The fact remains people here in the office are paid to work by the public, not to come in here and have sex all day. Both individuals are under contract, and should have been immediately disciplined for such actions.”

And get this: rather than swift discipline on the two panties in jockey, the Administration has gone on a witch-hunt to discipline and victimize two females who they believe may have leaked the story to Bahamas Press.

One officer in the ministry has been moved and another female – who is a BIGTIME member of the Church of God of Prophecy – is being threatened with removal from the department.

Bahamas Press wonders where are the Codes of Conduct to uphold such standards in Government and why would anyone in the Christie Regime punish Bahamians who hold high the standards of public life?

What a crying shame.

Does this mean that in the new Christie Government you can take out ya private, drop ya pants and sex in front of all the public servants no matter who sees? Is this the new standard being set by the new 30 majority in the new government in this Bahamas? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

All we say to them is this – YINNER GATTA BE CRAZY!

Start Packing yinner bags now! – The honeymoon is over for the New Christie Regime!

We report yinner decide!