Christie Government set to improve infrastructure on San Salvador


DPM Davis delivers major contract for the island

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development the Hon. Philip Davis is shown presenting a contract to Theo Symonette of Symonette’s Enterprises Limited for the San Salvador road project set to begin by the end of August. Also pictured from left are Permanent Secretary Colin Higgs, Assistant Administrator Harvey Roberts, Chief Councillor Clifford Fernander, Philip Smith, Senior Policy Advisor and Local Government officials.

COCKBURN TOWN, SAN SALVADOR, Bahamas — A modern roadway for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in San Salvador is on the way. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development the Hon. Philip Davis signed a contract for $2,843,516.67 with Symonette’s Enterprises to improve and maintain roads on the island, Friday, August, 9, 2013.

Deputy Prime Minister Davis in brief remarks at the signing ceremony urged leaders to view the project as a means to help to make things better for all citizens.

“You could sit on the side-lines and complain about this or that; or, you could choose to be proactive and see how you could help develop our and your community,” he said.

“You could look at me or others and complain; or, you could see what you could do to make things better.”

The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed those who opt to lend assistance and pledged to work with all who care and commit themselves to helping to make things better.

A small group of government officials, Local Government practitioners and residents of the island witnessed the event.

They included Colin Higgs, permanent secretary; Livingstone Forbes, chief architect; Kordero St. Cyr, assistant engineer; Harvey Roberts, assistant administrator; Clifford Fernander, Chief Councillor and Philip Smith, senior policy advisor.

The scope of works include resurfacing and repairing five miles of road in the north east portion of the island; reconstructing 1.6 miles of roadway extending from the airport to Cockburn Town and installing drainage features.

Also included are repairs to hurricane-damaged roadways, expansion of seawall protection and implementation of a routine maintenance program for preserving quality and general life expectancy of the roadways.

Deputy Prime Minister Davis said, “We are committed to end the age old culture of building but not maintaining. That is why a maintenance component has been included in this contract.”

Approximately 35 Bahamians will be employed on this project, many of whom will be residents of San Salvador. Work is expected to begin the third week in August.

Symonette’s Enterprises has been in the road building and civil engineering business for more than two decades and has a reputation for doing high quality work, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Juan Symonette the company’s vice president promised to provide “quality” roads for the island of San Salvador.

Deputy Prime Minister Davis announced that water lines for Long Bay and Sugar Loaf are also a component of the road project. However, necessary technical design elements for them have not yet been completed.

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