Christie Issues statement on by-election


christie.jpgPress Statement By Rt. Hon. Perry G Christie MP
Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party
Re: Elizabeth Bye Election
February 19th 2010 @ 3:00AM

Leo Ryan Pinder of the Progressive Liberal Party will be taking steps within the next ten days (being the time prescribed by law) to petition The Election Court to declare that he is the proper and lawful winner of the Bye Election in Elizabeth. The basis of the petition will be that a clear majority of the voters in the Bye Election did in fact vote for Leo Ryan Pinder of the PLP. When all of the regular ballots and protest ballots are properly accounted for, specifically the Election Court will be invited to conduct a scrutiny of the protest ballots that were cast in the Bye Election.

Our legal team is satisfied that when the protest ballots are scrutinized in accordance with well established legal principles and judicial precedent, the electorate of Elizabeth will be shown conclusively to have elected Leo Ryan Pinder as their Representative.

It is important that the public understand that the present position is that no one is or can be declared the winner of the Elizabeth Bye Election. Indeed the outcome of the Bye Election will remain up in the air until such time as the Election Court rules on the matter.

It is of the utmost importance that the proceedings before the Election Court be initiated, conducted and concluded within the shortest possible time so that the people of Elizabeth can be properly represented in the Halls of Parliament without undue delay.

We are confident that the legal process that will now be pursued will result in a vindication of our efforts and our determination to secure that Elizabeth, will remain an important part of the PLP family represented in the House of Assembly.

In the meantime Leo Ryan Pinder has committed himself to remaining fully involved in the life and affairs of the Elizabeth Constituency. As he said on Tuesday evening past “I am not going anywhere” This remarkable young Bahamian of whom we are so very proud will therefore be busying himself with the continuing stewardship of the Elizabeth Constituency.

Finally as Party Leader, let me not only congratulate Ryan on a truly outstanding campaign but also our entire Bye Election team for their heroic performance over the past several weeks and also to our many, many supporters in Elizabeth and those from far and near who have kept the vigil with us over the past three night. I also thank especially our magnificent team of Lawyers and election agents for their untiring efforts on the night of the election and throughout the recount that has taken up these last two days and nights.

Progressive Liberal Party supporters all over the Bahamas are feeling exceptionally good about what has happened in the Bye Election. They realize and indeed Bahamians everywhere that the Free National Movement Government days are numbered and the Progressive Liberal Party is now solidly on course to win the next General Election. Such a conclusion is inescapable when one considers that the entire power and might of the Government were solidly thrown into Bye Election and yet they could not win.


  1. @Mr. Archer, I say again, I hold no brief for anyone, but I have listened to this election straight through and I have always seen and heard only above the belt issues from Mr Christie and Mr. Ryan Pinder, they have conducted themselves with class, to the point where people call them soft, if they were having down in the dirt campaigning, I would have been disappointed, it was the FNM that were on topics like calling Mr. Pinder a non-Bahamain, and not voting for Obama, let’s be fair across the board, I agree with everything else you have said, and the main problem in this country that most of these problems stem from, is these “Special Interest” groups, that our politicians sell us out too, disenfranchising the citizens,  this is a vicious cycle, and there are only a few “Awakened” minds in this country, who truly see what is going on, the majority are sheeple, and the politicians know that, these sheeple only want so cash and to feel important in the society, but let’s be fair, when the PLP are wrong hit them and when the FNM are wrong, do the same, we have been sold out, and the media only help to keep us ignorant, especially the FOX News of the Bahamas,  The Tribune group, they have their interest in keeping a certain group in to keep the majority at bay and control, by their house n*****.

  2. @ Objective thought.  I think you should be reminded that my loyalty lies with my people not any given damn party.  However, I will entertain you with a clear response.  People are starving, mothers are prostituting themselves to feed their children and meet their high utility bills, families are losing their homes, banks refusing to lower interest rates during this horrid recession, soaring murder rate, sexual solicitation and exploitation of minors, 9 and 10 year olds giving births to children, decades of broken political promises, STOP THE BULLSHIT!!! EVERYBODY KNOWS HUBERT, PERRY, BRAVE AND OTHERS ARE DAMN GOOD FRIENDS!!!  I did not enter this political arena to bow to such bullshit… I am here today to speak up for the otherwise forgotten citizen.  There are many of you reading this post who on the outside look very prosperous, but in reality you’re buried in debt barely holding on to your vital assets.  I am sick and tire of their brain washing political methods.  My Bahamian people have been deprived for so long they now think it’s a privilege to live on a beach front property, when in reality we should be feeling accustomed to such amenities.   Economic empowerment were promise by both parties during the last general election.  This present administration has to date failed to deliver on such promises largely due to the global economic meltdown and the FNM’s STOP – CANCEL and REVIEW policies, combined with the elimination of The Ministry of Financial Services and Investments.  The opposition has spent more time engaging in character assassinations rather than focusing on challenging the government to address the issues of poverty, unemployment, education, immigration and land issues.  Adelaide is a prime example of land abuse by politicians both present and former.  It’s disgusting that Elliot Lockhart erected and electric gate across the government road in Adelaide and block off and entire segment of Adelaide for himself.  He is also guilty of filling in the wet lands around there. MP’s and Cabinet Minister present and former and others own fence in lots and along the beach out there.  Now Albany is building their resort the price of those lots will increase 50 folds.  It was all a part of their plan.  In the end it’s the people of Adelaide who will suffer.  Their properties are being taken from beneath their feet.  This is a disgrace….  it’s people like them and many more whose concerns I am interested in addressing.  Going to court is the right thing to do but it must be quick three days max. There are far too many more important issues to be addressed.   

  3. I hope the next person that Ingraham fires is Errol Bethel.  ‘This bye-election was a complete and utter mess!  Not to mention a waste of the little money we have!

    • I wonder if Mr Errol Bethel told the PM of the flaws in the register before a date was set? Cause if he did, and the PM went ahead anyway with the bye election, then the blame falls on the PM and Mr Bethel should of had enough forsight to see that the crap would hit the fan if the election was close. I guess he, like the PM thought the FNM would have won in a blow out thus allowing the flawed register to fly under the radar!

  4. Also, it is clear that more persons voted for the PLP than the FNM!!!! That’s clear for anyone to see… How the FNM can say that the people wanted Duane Sands in beyond me!!

  5. @Omar… I am totally disappointed in your response to the court challenge that the PLP will be putting forward.. Obviously you and Altec were not there on the ground and have no idea what is going on so you all should not comment on something you know nothing about!  The PLP will only be going to court to have 2 things done. (1) They will be asking the court to have those protested votes counted. That’s only 5 votes.. (2) Also they will be asking the court to allow the votes of those persons who wrote Ryan’s name on the ballot to be counted. That’s only 2 votes which I might add is enough to cause the PLP to tie with the FNM candidate.We are only talking about a total of 7 votes that the court will be looking into. There will be NO long process! With proof that those persons were on the 2007 register and that they still live in Elizabeth, that could be decided in a matter of days!!Why put the laws there if one is unable to use them?? It seems as though you 2 and many others don’t believe in DEMOCRACY!! According to a previous case where votes where the persons wrote the name of the person they chose in the spot  allocated to mark your X, those 2 votes should have been allowed to be counted from this morning!!! The returning officer erred… 

  6. Altec Reply:February 19th, 2010 at 11:16 am
    Omar, I was told that Cassius Stewart resigned from the BDM. Is this true?
    Reply  Stuart and I may share differences of opinion, but the one thing he isn’t is a quit.   

  7. @ Bahamas youth, So you are saying to me that all  fnms, are intelligent? Jokes, “fer” days…lol.

    Boy get real! The majority of fnms, I come across, cannot hold a sensible debate! And quite frankly, you are one of them!

  8. @Wisdom, right on“You have sat too long here for any good that you have done, Sir! Depart I say, and let us have done with you! In the name of God, go!
    And carry the devil Hubert with ya. Who ya’ll tink ya’ll foolin?

  9. I am astounded that so many of the comments that I’ve read over the last few days point to the fact that in spite of many of BP’s readers having college degree(s) reading comprehension is sorely lacking.  Which part of ‘only an election court can rule on the allowance or disallowance/disqualification of a protest vote’  don’t they understand?  Perhaps both major party should hold classes to educate their supporters on the electoral process.

  10. The PLP has the majority of votes and the FNM is now left with a choice of investgating and seeing that the five persons still live in Elizabeth even though their names are not on the register.Based on their findings then they should then make a judgement and withdraw from any proceedings.

  11. I listen to Mr. Christie early today on ZNS and I must say that Kenyatta Gibson, Independent Kennedy MP, left out a few other characteristics of Christie when he lambasted him in the House of Assembly in 2008.

    Mr. Gibson, said these words, which I thought was too harsh, but after here Christie today, I believe he was right….
    He (Mr. CHRISTIE) is arch-mediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void. He is best described as the man who is an expert at using shallow words dressed up in glittering phrases. His word and promises count for nothing!

    “So as to make it clear I wish the record to reflect that Perry Christie is no longer fit to lead the Party of Pindling, Butler & Hanna. ” Mr Gibson said.

    Mr. Christie is a master of character assassination and an expert proponent of self aggrandizement.

    “You have sat too long here for any good that you have done, Sir! Depart I say, and let us have done with you! In the name of God, go!

    Indeed all would recall how on every available occasion during his term in office he took the opportunity to remind the country that he spoke “as Prime Minister of The Bahamas”…… as if he would have allowed us to forget it.”
    This washed up, has been, egotist may as well claim that he created the world in seven (7) days, as it is clear from his release that he fancies himself on god of sorts.

  12. No this brings into question all those recent appoints of all those judges, will this be a fair judgement?….Do you think that papa looked in his  “brand newbag” and saw this senerio and then stacked the courts accordingly?ummmm some food for thought

  13. Men like Sir Henry Taylor, Clement Pinder and many others who were audacious enough to stand up to the UBP in the early 50’s.  The PLP was a party of choice for the deprived masses during such time.  However these men were humble enough to realize that they were missing an ingredient to guarantee success in general elections.  They turned to a young man introduced to the party by Clement Pinder.  A young energetic people’s person attorney name Lynden Oscar Pindling.  Through his upbringing on East St. he was able to relate and reach those voters who were either undecided or just had no interest in politics.  His efforts brought the PLP to government and revolutionized Bahamian politics like none other before or after him.  The ultimate message here to be learnt is “Sometimes in order to realize your dreams, you must depend on the talents of others to succeed. I support Mr. Christie as my party leader but a very important opportunity was missed to reach many undecided and disinterested voters.  I attend “ONE” rally and immediately noticed our short comings.  Same people for 30 years with the same message 30 years straight.  I heard this from supporters gathered at this specific rally so I know it’s not just myself saying this.  I though much of our party’s would be youthful candidates should have spare headed  this campaign to show our supporters that we are very serious about the transition of political power from within. Now we’re looking at another long expensive process, By the time this is over and done with the next general election will be upon us.  We must now focus more on the issues that directly affect the live of the average Bahamian and address these issues without compromise.  We must not allow ourselves to be distracted.  We as a party must refocus and redirect our energies to things more productive and meaningful in the eyes and minds of our supporters. Here in lies the challenge forward..  We must remain steadfast and focus entirely on the issues not a verbal political confrontation that only serves as a self stimulant to ones political ego.   

  14. OH Lord, not again!Haven’t they learnt from Allyson & Pleasant’s case that all they are doing is wasting time and money!  Its not as though another seat will change the Government!  Another election court case will really enrage the public. Cut you losses, regroup and move on!

    • Tell the FNM to not contset the case if it goes to Election court.All votes cast in an Election m ust be counted and from all indications five were excluded unlawfully.This case is unlike any other in the history of the Bahamas so a precedent is needed.Most bye elections are blowouts for the Govt but Marco City and now this one shows that people are ready for a change of Govt.The FNM will not give up but instead press on until 2012 without getting a ruyling.Having a huge advantage did not weigh in favour of the FNM as everybody pissed with their oppressive,vindictive and spiteful form of Govt.Lizzy does not want an FNM representative and did not lawfully elect one.  

  15. It is clear that your statement here Altec has not taken into consideration the Constitution of the Bahamas. NO one not the PM or the Opposition Leader has the right to STOP, BLOCK AND CANCEL the rights of any voter in this country.

    You cannot walk up to me and tell me as a voter of Clifton I cannot vote when I appear at the polling station. THAT IS WRONG, UNDEMOCRATIC AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL! You can protest it yes but following an investigation of the protest, the vote by law MUST AND NOW SHALL BE COUNTED!

    The founders of this country guaranteed every citizen the right to vote and no one not even Hubert DAMN Ingraham has the right to stop, block and cancel that right!

    The court will now open those protest votes and demand they be counted and when that is done this whole thing will be OVER!!!!!!!!!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • BP, the point i am trying to make is it doesnt matter who is the elected member for Lizzy now. HAI failed in his attempt to show that the FNM and HAI has not lost any support in the country. PC and the PLP has failed in its attempt to show that it is the party the people are turing to en mass.Like I said, Lizzy has sent a message to the FNM and the PLP and I think it has been received. Going to court wold change anything. In a perfect world i would have wished to see RP win outright, but it didnt happen. As for FNM’s, their perfect scenario would have been to win in blow out fashion, but didnt happen either. There is no need to prolong this when the same seat will up again in less than 2 years. The general election victory is more important tthan a bye election.

  16. YES Perry Christie is absolutely right Most voters did in fact voted for Leo Ryan Pinder.  HOWEVER…… A vast amount of people did not LISTEN or FOLLOWED PROCEDURE. If you mark your X with your inky thumb then it should NOT COUNT. THats simple IGNORANCE and Leo Ryan shouldve teach his IGNORANT voters how to cast a VALID VOTE…… SIMPLE AS THAT!…… It proves the point that IN FACT THERE ARE MORE UNEDUCATED  PERSONS IN THE PLP. I know yal PLPS ga have a field day with me but YOU KNOW ITS TRUE yal Grass roots are ignorant people just like LAURA who fighting but cant even spell Prison.  When I was in school and If I didnt follow INSTRUCTIONS I wouldve been punished. EX: If your test say write in PENCIL and you write in PEN it is COMPLETELY WRONG. PLP’s must listen and follow instructions so theres NO NEED FOR NO ELECTION COURT. THE PLPs just feel shame that they lost or barely win however there people to damn dumb to know how to VOTE……

    • bahamasyouth, after all the grade average in the country is D-, and not only PLP’s dis live in this country FNM’s too, so you may just would want to just look in to the closers mirrior to you, there is a old saying ” dat when you live in glass house you don’t throw stones”

  17. As a supporter of PC, let me go on record as saying i dont agree for a court case! The voters in Lizzy has sent a clear message to the governing party and the opposition.
    Neither the FNM or the PLP can gloat over the happenings in Lizzy.

    Its time to move on and prepare for the general elections!

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