Perry Christie must FIRE Wilchcombe or leave it for Brave Davis to do!


Christie Fired Moss, Rollins and Wells but fails to set the same standard on Wilchcombe! WHY?

Prime Minister Christie does not have it to FIRE Wilchcombe for breaking Cabinet Proceedures. But he fired Greg Moss who wasn't even in the Cabinet!
WHAT A TRICK BEING PLAYED HERE ON Prime Minister Christie! He fired Greg Moss who wasn’t even in the Cabinet!

BP SUNDAY SPECIAL – Christie must deal with Wilchcombe or his inaction, dithering and indecision will come to haunt him!

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis
Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis don’t play! He fired Andre Rollins while Christie was off the island. Ordered Wells out of the Ministry of Works over the LOI Scandal, and ditched his own Director Of Works following the BAMSI fiasco! He would have fired Wilchcombe before it could become Breaking NEWS!

Nassau, Bahamas – There was high drama in the Cabinet this past week, which caused one member to lock himself outside the room.

Bahamas Press, your fly on the wall in the room, witnessed a near bloodbath during the meeting which forced the Minister of Tourism to storm outside before he collected blows inside from the PLP’s Wartime General.

No Cabinet Minister supported Wilchcombe who, not once but twice when on National Radio and in the newspapers, suggested that the Christie Cabinet did not know what in the hell it was doing when it chose the path of Liquidation for Baha Mar.

Wilchcombe, whose only claim to fame is having gone to jail once and escaped jail a second time following an incident in the Travolta Saga, told the Tribune in late August, “Of course the government has made the decision to proceed as such, and we take direction from legal quarters – that notwithstanding, it doesn’t mean the players in the game can’t sit and talk. Maybe I’m ignorant, but the bigger thing for me is getting the matter resolved, and in my view that’s bigger than the wrangling that’s taking place and all the brilliance of law.” Wilchcombe’s comments drew support from Brent Symonette and other supporters within the rank and file of the FNM!

But, in his ignorance, what Wilchcombe failed to note, even though he sat around the Cabinet table, was the fact that Sarkis Izmirlian, who advanced him a loan, didn’t advise the government nor his lenders of his move to Chapter 11 and failed to show up for the meetings organized by Mr. Christie in Beijing! And this brings us to our QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who is Wilchcombe working for these days?

The Minister for Tourism, who could not sell a 1/2 pint in the Ghetto at Base Road Bar when he ran the place – while illegals sold 40oz in the same area, has betrayed the trust of the Cabinet and must without reservations be FIRED!!

On August 24 we pointed out the fact that the manual for the conduct of Cabinet and Ministry Procedure outlines how: “All major decisions of policy must be made by Cabinet.

“A fundamental principle of “Cabinet Government” is unity. It is important to present a united front to the public; if any Minister feels conscientiously unable to support a decision taken by Cabinet, he has one course open to him and that is to resign his office!” We ga say it again these rules cannot be ignored!

Wilchcombe has failed to resign, and therefore, Mr. Christie must fire him or leave the decision to Brave Davis! It is that simple!

What gets us with this saga is this: How is it someone who has not even studied law, able to come out of a room filled with Barristers and Queen’s Councils to tell the nation that those inside the Cabinet don’t know what in the hell they are doing on Baha Mar? What is THAT?!

We will be watching this even more closely and will not stop until we see its end!

We report yinner decide!